Everything Matters

Has anyone else ever noticed this?  That when you’re going through something emotionally intense, whether positive or negative, it seems that everything around you becomes suddenly relevant to the situation?  Every song on the radio seems to relate to what you’re experiencing, every TV show is running the episode that seems to exactly mirror your current circumstance, every street sign is suddenly conveying much more than just traffic regulations.  Am I alone on this one?

If its a happy situation this is great.  Everything you see and hear reminds of what’s made you so happy.  Life’s a bowl of ice cream.  If its an unhappy situation its predictably not so great.  When all you want to do is get your mind off of whatever it is that has got you down, everywhere you turn you’re bombared with unpleasent reminders.  Seriously, no one else is on board with this?

Part two of this quefonda.jpgstion.  If there are indeed others among you who have similar experiences, and this is a human thing and not just an Ando thing, has it always been this way or is it indicative of an over-medied (pronounced mee-dee-ud) society?  Back in the 1500’s, when the only mass media was the Bible and hardly anyone could read anyway, when there was clearly less external stimuli, did people relate to things in a similar fasion?  Or were they more concerned about things like, oh I don’t know, the Black Death?

Speaking of over stimuli, I’m watching the infomercial for the Time-Life Flower Power music collection hosted by 60’s icon Peter Fonda, who was clearly high when they shot this.  He bears an uncanny resemblance to Eval Kineval.  I love these infomercials when they bring in people who grew up when these songs were hits and have them talk about how great the “good old days” were and what this CD collection means to them.  They always give us their names as if hearing recent AARP member and ex-hippie, and now probably attorney, Walter Hutchinson talk about “a time of love and togetherness” and about how these classic hits sound so much better on CD than on vinyl (as if CD’s were some new fangled medium) is going to make me more likely to “call now!”.  Dr. Evil said it best, “There’s nothing as pathetic as an aging hipster.”  Freaky, washed up actors and balding flower children with pony tails aside, I do really enjoy music from that era.  Hmmmm, only $19.95, eh?

I think its pretty obvious I need to get to bed.  Its been a stressful week and I’ve had a lot of things on my mind, so that’s my excuse for this bizarre post.  That is if talking about Peter Fonda and the Black Death in the same post is to be considered bizarre.  Oh right, this is Friday.  Here you go.


One thought on “Everything Matters

  1. I’m soo lost it isn’t even funny. Is everything okay? Did something bad happen? Is this about missing the fantasy draft?

    This is like reading one of my post, but with better grammar and spelling.

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