YouTube Friday: Uncap The Smile

A high school buddy of mine shot me an email about a buddy of his who wrote and directed a commercial for Heinz Ketchup.  He made the commercial as part of a contest Heinz put on where folks could make a commercial and then based on internet voting, a winner would be chosen and that ad aired on national TV.  So far the commercial my friends buddy, Joey Garner, made is ranked #4.  Its a pretty good ad, so I’ve decided to mobilize my vast readership in order to propel him to the top.  Click here to go the voting site.  His ad is called Uncap The Smile.  Voting is open until September 10th.  Vote early!  Vote often!  Here’s the commercial.


One thought on “YouTube Friday: Uncap The Smile

  1. OK, being the cynic that I am, I expected this to be just so-so.(Great a friend of a friend…sigh…)

    I’m impressed, this is cool, I’d put it on the tely.

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