It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! Its…

“Superman!  No, wait.  I think that is a bird.”

“Are you sure?  Looks more like a cloud.”

“Nope, no, its definitely a bird of some kind.  See the legs?”

“Oh yeah, you’re right.  What is that, a crane?”

“Maybe.  Or is it a heran?”

“No, I think its a pelican.  Look, you can see its jaw, gullet thingy hanging down.”

“Noooo, its not a pelican, look at those long skinny legs.”

“Then what’s wrong with its beak?”

“I think its carrying something.  Wait a minute!  Is that a…”

“No, it can’t be.”

“But I think it is.  What other bird carries something like that?”

“Could be a carrier pigeon.”

“No, you idiot, its way to big.  Its obviously…”

“A stork!”

“Yes!  Its a stork.”

“Where’s he headed?”

“Looks like over to the ol’ Bauer place.”

Yes boys and girls the stork is headed toward the ol’ Bauer place.  I’m sure to most of you regulars this isn’t really news, but for one reason or another its taken me a long time to mention it here on the Life of Ando.  Which seems odd since there are few things, if any, that will happen in the actual life of Ando that will be more exciting and life of Ando altering than this.  We received the good news in June and Jen is just about to start her fifth month of the pregnancy.  So far things are going fine, the occasional migraine headache notwithstanding.  The Mini-Me (or Mini-Jen) is due on February 12th, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  If the baby comes on time, we’re naming it Abe, boy or girl.  Just kidding.  Only if its a girl.

Now that the cat is officially out of the bag and running around the blogosphere I’ll be sure to post updates on any significant happenings.  In the meantime, have a look at this picture and pray very hard that the doctors do in fact let me handle the child after the birth.



8 thoughts on “It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! Its…

  1. I have no memory of the context of that picture, which, given the expression, would not appear surprising. But I’m not a drinker. Seriously, I’m not.

  2. Congrats – I was wondering when there would be a post about the news!!!! We are so excited for you and Jen and will be praying that it is a safe and great pregnancy! Can’t wait to hear if it is a boy or girl :):) Or are you telling?

  3. Rebecca

    Congratulations!!! Wayne and I are thrilled for you and Jenn!! I was wondering if that was the possible news that was hinted at a few weeks ago. :) You’ll both make great parents. Tell Jenn I’ll be praying for her.

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