YouTube Sunday: High School Action Movie

I was going to wait for Friday for this one, but I just couldn’t.  I was forcing Jen to watch some old videos from high school last night, including one of an action movie some buddies and I made our Junior year.  I was suddenly struck by a brilliant idea.  A trailer!  This was such a light bulb moment, that it couldn’t wait until the next day.  The ideas were flowing and I didn’t want to lose them.  So, finally, at about four this morning, the opus was complete.  Without further adieu, I give you the trailer for Against Orders with a Vengance.

Admit it, your appetite for more is whetted.  How could it not be.  Maybe I’ll post the whole movie someday, if you’re lucky.  Need to generate some buzz first, so tell your friends.

6 thoughts on “YouTube Sunday: High School Action Movie

  1. J Crew – I’ll have to put the whole movie up sometime. Its actually pretty funny.

    Mom – Well I didn’t have as much as the other guys. In the scene where Danno kills “me” that was actually Jason’s little brother as my stunt double because I had to go to Algebra tutoring!

    Anna – Boys like guns, its just a fact of life.

    Kludge – See above comment to my mom.

    Steph – Yeah, we didn’t do too many romantic comedies. :)

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