In Disguise

This year for National Dress Up Like Something And Eat Lots Of Junk Food Day I actually had two costumes.  Jen and I went to a costume party last Saturday, and there I dressed as a fisherman and Jen incorporated her growing stomach into her costume by going as an out of shape personal trainer.  Here’s a picture:


Today being the actual NDULSAELOJF Day I decided to wear a costume to work, something I have never done before.  So I went as a storekeeper.  That probably sounds pretty lame, but my job title is storekeeper, so it was a funny little joke and people seemed to get a kick out of it.  I think I even got a few votes in the best costume contest.  Somehow pushing around a hand truck while wearing this get-up just felt right.  Here’s picture:


It’s too bad you can’t see my shoes in this picture as they really made it work and got the most comments.  Try to visualize, blue and white two tone wingtips.  They are pretty awesome.  So there you go, Ando’s Hallowe–I mean National Dress Up Like Something And Eat Lots Of Junk Food Day fun.


10 thoughts on “In Disguise

  1. Anna

    I do have pictures and I even have a pic of my student who was a man eating shark!! As soon as I upload them I’ll show you.

  2. Jennylu

    Okay, I’ve been out of the blog scene for a couple of weeks so I might be asking a dumb question, but did you make up the NDULSAELOJF Day or did someone else? I kind of like it — could remove a little of the controversy from “Halloween” but still keep all the fun (and business for dentists!)

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