The Party Post


Not this past Friday night, but the Friday before, my wife threw me a big 30th birthday extravaganza.  Jen is awesome.  She was off of work that day and spent it running all around town getting things ready for the fiesta, all while six month pregnant and fighting off the onset of a cold.  What a trooper.  All week leading up to the party she was very concerned that it wouldn’t be fun enough.  “All we have is one game and karaoke, and what if no one wants to do karaoke?  I don’t want your party to be boring.”  She’s very cute when she’s obsessive.  I assured her that there was no possible way the party would be a dud.  I mean, I was going to be there, so…  But seriously folks, we aren’t six, so we don’t need ponies and clowns to keep us entertained.  I’m just glad she didn’t wear herself out so much that she couldn’t enjoy her own shindig.  She, and everyone else as far as I could tell, had a great time.  Its worth mentioning that the winning prize for the game we played was an 8×10 of my high school senior picture…autographed.  Needless to say, it was a coveted item.  Her fear of karaoke neglect was not wholly unfounded.  Our circle of friends aren’t always the most adventurous, especially when it comes to making a fool of yourself.  So if this thing was going to get rolling, it was going to be up to Jen and I to break the ice.  I’m not usually averse to being a ham–or eating ham for that matter–but singing in public, even the private/public of my parents living room, can be intimidating.  But I sucked it up and joined Jen in butchering Endless Love.  Once everyone saw how bad we were, there wasn’t any sense in them not jumping in.  By the end of the night, just about everyone had taken the mic, with varying degrees of success.  And the video cameras were running.

It was a great night spent with family and friends.  Jen throws a pretty darn good party.  She partied so hard she was bedridden all the next day.  Actually her cold had gotten much worse and I forbade her to do anything other than rest.

You can find some pictures of the festivities by clicking the Flickr dealy in the right hand sidebar or checking the photos tab above.  Doing either one will take you to my Flickr page.  If you have a Yahoo or Flickr account you can sign-in and make comments on the pics if you want.  If you don’t have a Yahoo account you must be some kind of Internet nerd.  Doesn’t everyone have a Yahoo account?  Yahoo and Flickr are free to sign up for, if you want to shed your Net-nerd status.  Also, here is a video from our version of American Idol.  And don’t worry all of you karaoke participating party attenders, there’s plenty more video to come.  I haven’t forgotten you.  ;]

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