My Leaky Left Shoe


Is was bound to happen.  I knew it was coming, and yet I did nothing.  Complacency had set in and the excuses mounted.  “It won’t be that bad.”  “I don’t have the time.”  “I won’t even notice.”  “Everything is too expensive and I have Christmas presents to buy.”  And so when the day finally came, I paid the price.  I have a leaky left shoe.  The shoes I wear pretty much everyday have been well traveled and probably needed replacing about three months ago, but I never really thought about it.  I’m not trying to make any fashion statements, so as long as they protect me from stepping on sharp, pointy things I’m good to go, right?  Then the rains came.

Feet are doing their job well when you don’t notice them.  But I’ve spent the better part of the last three days being reminded of the presence of my left foot by virtue of its soggy, dampness.  There is a San Andreas fault running the width of my left, blue canvas Vision Streetwear–like I said, I’m not really interested in making a fashion statement–shoe and its made life a little miserable.  Not a lot, just a little.  When outside in the wet, I’ve tried walking on only the outside edge of my foot but all that’s done is give me a sore outside edge of my foot and hasn’t helped a lick in keeping my sock from getting soaked.

However, since I’m of the glass-is-half-full-there’s-always-a-silver-lining ilk, some good has become of this waterlogged tale.  Sometime last night while I was sitting idly and was again reminded of my cold sock, it suddenly occurred to me that the men at Bastogne during WWII had to deal with cold wet feet all the time (this is the kind of thing that randomly pops into your head when you’re a history dork).  You really don’t notice how important being warm and dry is to functioning normally until at least part of you is not warm and dry.  I work in a climate controlled office building that is always warm and dry and yet my one soggy appendage still bothered me.  What if I were sitting in a freezing cold fox hole?

So this Christmas, as you’re enjoying your hot coco in your warm house wearing your snugly pj’s, remember that there are a lot of people out there, whether a soldier on the front lines, or the homeless guy down on the corner, who aren’t going to spend their Christmas warm and dry.  Some time in between our last minute shopping and Christmas party going, let’s all do a little something to make someone else’s season a little more festive.  Whether its donating time or money to the local shelter, sending a care package to someone you know in the military like some really cool bloggers do (please ignore this gratuitous patting of my own back), or sending a Christmas card to a missionary, even though Christmas is just a few days away its not too late.  Here, I’ll even provide you with an option.  Follow this link to find out how to send a message to a soldier.  Click “How This Works” for details.  Remember, someone, somewhere has a leaky shoe.


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