YouTube Friday: Christmas Movie Mania

I dug around on Youtube to find illegal clips of my favorite Christmas movies.  I love the Internet.

 The scene in this clip from A Christmas Story when Ralphie opens his official Red Ryder carbine action 200-shot range model air rifle is one of my favorites.  I love Darin McGavin as the proud Old Man who is as happy to give the gift as Ralphie is to receive it.  Just a perfectly acted scene all the way around.  It gets me every time, but maybe a little more this year as the next Christmas I will be a father myself.  Wow, that’s a scary thought.

One of the great scenes in a movie full of them.  George Bailey realizes finally that he loves Mary and he’s never going to leave Bedford Falls.  Watching this as a kid, this scene never made sense to me.  “If he’s so mad, why does he start kissing her all of a sudden?”  Then at some point there was the “Ooooohhhhhh, now I get it” moment.  Pretty pasionate stuff for 1946.  Rumor has it the censors actually edited down the kiss.  Mary’s mother at the end is hilarious.

The best thing about musicals is that they are utterly absurd.  They’re so over the top goofy that its impossible not to love them, if you like music.  Especially when they include legends like Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney.  White Christmas is another one I watch every year and have since I was a kid.  The music by Irving Berlin is great, the dance numbers are hysterical, and the Bingisms flow like cheap wine from a box.  Why is a Captain in the Army on the front lines in WWII wearing a camoflague ascot and penny loafers!  I could talk about this movie for hours.  Here are a couple of clips.  Pay special attention to the background dancers in the Minstel Show number.  Hilarious!

“I can’t swim Clark.”

“I know that Eddie.”

That’s all I’m going to say.


6 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Christmas Movie Mania

  1. J Crew

    i must say, the whole snow thing is hard for me. I can’t imagine sitting in a rail car and bursting out into a song about snow, but that is just me

  2. I’m not sure how you can even place two great movies like “White Christmas” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” on the same page as those other two.

    Oh well… A belated Merry Christmas all the same! :)

  3. J Crew – That’s the beauty of the musical. You never know what ot expect.

    Steph – So do I!

    Kludge – Well, Christmas Vacation is certainly not on the same plane as the others, but A Christmas Story is a classic! It belongs in The Pantheon of Great Christmas Movies.

  4. Jennylu

    This made me want to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” — it might have to go to San Diego with us! :)

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