Thanks, Linus

For all the classic Christmas movies to be watched every year, there must be about 127 cheesy, made-for-TV Christmas movies, most of the Lifetime Original variety.  Occasionally these can be entertaining as they are always incredibly corny and normally star at least one former child star, usually Jo from The Facts of Life.  Always good for a lazy Christmas vacation afternoon.  The one I always try to make sure I see is A Very Brady Christmas.  I was too young for the Brady’s and never got into the reruns, but this is one Christmas special for the ages.  “And I just noticed that we are standing on 34th St.”  Classic.  Here’s a taste.  Very heartwarming.  Or is that my stomach?

In all these made-for-TV movies and specials there’s a lot of talk about the “true meaning of Christmas.”  It usually ends up being togetherness, or peace, or family, or giving, or something along those lines.  Good things all, but not quite right.  There’s only one Christmas special that gets it right.

 Thanks, Linus.


4 thoughts on “Thanks, Linus

  1. I agree,(as much as I personally dislike the Peanuts Christmas -only because it bores me to tears, and not because of anything else) Linus said it best!

    Ummm.. Is it snowing here?!

  2. Jennylu

    Love LInus’s response!

    A Very Brady Christmas? I’ll have to put that on our “Must See” list next year!

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