So Long ’07

newyear1.jpgSo another year has come and gone.  The year of our Lord two thousand and seven was a pretty eventful one for the House of Bauer.  There were exciting, life-altering things, like changing jobs, turning 30, and finding out we were having a baby.  There were fun things like going on trips to Colorado or to a nearby camp ground or getting a new truck.  No year is without its difficulties though, and 2007 was no exception.  I watched as a teammate nearly died on the softball field of a heart attack.  I got a desperate call from an old friend who was on the brink.  There were unexpected difficulties in close relationships.  But God is good and all those situations have appeared to have resolved themselves positively, at least for the time being.

Beginning 2008 I know that there are many new things to be experienced.  In a month and a half Jen and I will embark on an entirely new phase of life, parenthood, which will be filled with all of the joys and struggles that are part of the deal.  We’re looking forward to it, but are also just a teensy bit apprehensive, which I suppose is normal.  Those challenges are expected and we’ll do our best to prepare for them, but I know there will be unexpected challenges that will blindside us.  Some minor and perhaps some major.  But I’m not sweating those.  God provided strength and wisdom to get through some pretty tough stuff in ’07 and I have no doubts that He’ll do the same in ’08.

I’m looking forward to 2008 probably more than any other of my 30 years.  The Angels are poised to win the AL West again, the Packers, after a magical regular season, have a very good chance to get to the Super Bowl for the first time in a decade, I’m continuing my college education (again), I still get to wake up to the most amazing woman in the world every morning, and, of course, I’ll be a dad.  The future looks bright.


4 thoughts on “So Long ’07

  1. Rebecca

    Hopefully your 2008 will be great. I can’t wait to hear about the new addition when the baby arrives. Tell Jenn to hang in there, she’s almost done. :)

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