YouTube Friday: Old Skool

I had intended to post the first video of a certain someone today, but a certain someone keeps our day pretty well occupied.  Instead I thought I’d post some clips of some of the old school educational TV shows I used to watch as a kid and that I intend to force Lily to watch someday.  They might even bring back some fond memories of your own…if you’re old enough.  Enjoy! 

 See if you recognize the now-famous silhouette on the left.  Hint:  he’s a man who knows how to get things.


4 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Old Skool

  1. Jennylu

    School house rock favorites: I’m Just a Bill & Conjunction – junction, what you’re function?

    Okay, who’s the famous silloutte? Looks a little like Morgan Freeman, but I don’t “get” the clue.

    Love the new banner — soooooo cuuuuute!

    Those are a couple of School House Rock classics. I also like 3 Is The Magic Number, which was actually covered by 90’s alt rockers Blind Melon (check out the Box in the sidebar).

    Correct! It is Morgan Freeman. The clue was from The Shawshank Redemption where he played Red, a man who could get things.

  2. That was awesome – I am with JCrew – I feel old – but that was a great trip down memory lane – – – I think Allie should watch those too! Which show was the last one from – I remember seeing it but didn’t remember what it was from?

    That last one was from the Electric Company.

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