YouTube Friday: Lily’s Debut

 Lily has her first starring role literally minutes after arriving on the scene.  Try to ignore my googly eyes.  I was tired.


7 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Lily’s Debut

  1. What a star she is – and adorable! i love the pictures where the grandparents are anxiously looking at the window – how precious! What a sweet little star you have – and she will now become the center of most all pictures and movies – good thing you like to do video :)

    Definitely! I see a lot of home movie making in my future.

  2. That was pretty good dude!! Now it’s time to put the Jr Higher’s on You Tube…j/k

    It is a long weekend. I’ll send myself a reminder to do that. Besides, I need to see myself doing my best Flava Flave impression!

  3. Kim

    Great video! I agree…the grandparents through the window was just too precious. I hope all is going well and it has been a smooth adjustment for Jen. I can’t wait to see you all again.

  4. Rebecca

    That was precious! I have to agree with everyone that the grandparents in the background was great. It really adds character .

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