Blogging as Catalyst for Catharsis (and other stuff)

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on the post from last Wednesday.  RC from Strange Culture hoped that writing that out would help in working through the ordeal and it absolutely did.  I’m not the kind to get overly emotional about things, and I would say that I found that incident to be more surreal than traumatic for me.  So it wasn’t as if I didn’t get everything out I was going to stew on it and eventually meltdown.  But verbalizing, or textualizing, my thoughts did serve to clear my head and help me really process what I had just witnessed.  The next day I was able to function just fine and though that night I had a hard time falling asleep, that was due mostly to the passing traffic and my expectation that every approaching car was going to end up careening into the creek.  Every other night has been fine though.  Every so often the event will pop back into my head and I would hope it would make anyone think just a little bit about how fragile life can be and how unexpectedly it can all be over.  Not in a fatalistic way, but just realizing that that’s the reality.  For me its easy, because I know that God is in control and that my worrying would be pointless.  I can’t change a situation that’s already happened, but I can control how I react.  All that said, I really hope I don’t have to do that again.

On to more positive things….

Quick Lily update.  We’re a little over five weeks into this whole parenting thing and I think we’re starting to settle into a routine.  Other than a little bout with a touch of the flu last week for Jen, things have been going pretty well.  Lily is a good baby who doesn’t cry too much and though she does need to be fed in the middle of the nigh, she’s pretty good about going back to sleep when she’s done.  Jen gets up with her on weekdays, since I have to work, and I do the late night feedings on the weekends (with a bottle).  It seems to work pretty well.  Lily had a weight check today at the doctor’s and is growing like a weed.  She’s up to 7lb. 12oz.  Her little chicken legs are starting to fill out and she’s got a pretty good double chin going.  I’d say, so far, so good.

 Jackson moved back in about a week ago.  He had been at Jen’s parents house since Lily was born to give us a chance to get settled in.  We weren’t sure how he’d react to this new person being brought onto his turf.  He’s a pretty jealous dog and prone to steal things he shouldn’t steal and there’s a lot of baby stuff around to steal these days.  But he’s been really very good for the most part.  He seems to like Lily and gets very concerned when she cries.  He’ll jump off his chair and run over to where she is to try to make sure everything is OK.  He gets a little over zealous on the licking sometimes, so we have to watch out for that.  We’ll let him lick her legs or the back of her head, but not her face or hands.  He’s grabbed a few things off the coffee table, but overall he’s been a very good dog, which has been a relief.

I have declared this week Get Back To Normal Week, so we’re trying to try to get back to our normal schedule as much as we can.  I’m back to working my second job, I plan on going back to helping out at jr. high group this week, Jen is up and around, inside the house and out, with Lily doing things.  Life is almost becoming recognizable again.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

 If you happened to have your AM dial tuned to KNBR 680 yesterday morning sometime between 8:30 and 8:45 you would have heard none other than yours truly on the airwaves…for about 30 seconds.  I called in to the Murph and Mac morning show.  KNBR is the local sports talk station out of San Francisco, but my call in actually had nothing to do with sports.  They, that is Murph and Mac, were talking about the previous night’s Oscar show and Jon Stewart as host.  They weren’t sure that he had ever even been in a movie.  Well, thanks to my vast knowledge of trivia nonsense I was able to enlighten them to the fact that Jon Stewart had a small role in the Adam Sandler vehicle Big Daddy.  So there’s my contribution to the public dialog.

One last thing  before I go.  I’m back doing the school thing so there will hopefully be plenty of opportunity to post things I’ve written for class on this and my history blog.  In fact if you go to Past Tense now you’ll find a little teaser of what’s next to come.  Check it out.  And check the post before that one and take the civics test and post your score.

4 thoughts on “Blogging as Catalyst for Catharsis (and other stuff)

  1. alright, so you’ve set the bench mark…week 5 is get back to normal week.

    I’m setting that as the goal for when our little girl comes…normal life by week 5.

    that’s a early marker! we’ll see what happens.

    Well, maybe normal is quite how to put it, because now normal is completely different. Maybe I should’ve called it, Get As Close To Normal As Possible Week. That’s probably more accurate. :)

  2. Jennylu

    “I have declared this week Get Back To Normal Week”

    I loved this — I guess that was our big mistake after kids — we never declared a “get back to normal week”, oh well…

    Hey, I am going to take that civics quiz but make no promises about posting my score. I’ll have my kids take it too, but I definitely won’t post their scores!! :)

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