Wednesday Review: Stuff White People Like (blog)

When I log in to WordPress there is always a list on the right side of the dashboard of the hottest blogs hosted by the site.  I noticed one about a week or so ago in the “Fastest Growing” list called Stuff White People Like.  That sounded interesting so I checked it out.  Its hilarious.  The name is self-explanatory.  The blog is dedicated to listing and describing all the things that white people like.  Things like recycling, irony, knowing what’s best for poor people, and kitchen gadgets.  If ever there was a “Its funny because its true” blog, this would be it.  One item mentioned was apologies.  Here’s sample: 

In other cases, white people will apologize without being asked.

“Excuse me Dylan, you dropped a piece of paper in front of my desk.”

“Oh, sorry about that!”

The best part about this one was this comment in response to another:

Sorry Jim but many whites don’t consider Italians as “white”.
(I can’t believe i started out by saying “sorry” lol.)

One post was about the top ten hip-hop songs white people like.  I liked about eight of them! 

Of course its all in fun and satirical, so its kind of fun to read the comments of the people that don’t get it.  Especially the really offended ones.  There was an op-ed piece in the LA Times this morning about the blog (when you have almost five million hits in your first six weeks of existence you can get that kind of pub) and it turns out, as I suspected, its author is very much white.  Originally from Canada no less!

 Anyway, I’ve found it to be pretty entertaining and its becoming part of the Internet culture, so if you don’t want to miss the boat on the inevitable pop culture conversation you’ll be having at your next party–probably something only white people like–you should check it out.


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