YouTube Friday: Chocolate Rain

How in the world did I miss this!?  Why have I only just recently been introduced to the the phenomenon known as Tay Zonday?  This has been floating around the Interweb for the past 10 months and I completely missed it?  How is that even possible?  Readers, I have failed you.  I try to be on the leading edge as much as possible (see Wednesday’s post on Stuff White People Like) but I dropped the ball on this one.  There’s really no point in trying to describe what you are about to see.  Its that amazing.  But not in the way you’re thinking.  Just check it out.

Apparently this song has been covered a myriad of times since then, by the likes of Tre Cool, Chad Vader (the only other one worth watching), McGruff the Crime Dog, countless YouTube loving Tay Zonday wannabe’s, AND JOHN MAYER!  Is your life not now complete?  Well you’re wrong, it is not.  Watch this clip of Mr. Zonday’s appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show.  You can fast forward through the song if you like, but listen to the interview.  His voice is even more haunting while speaking.

 Why isn’t he sitting back in the chair?  What an odd person.  Well, more power to him.  I’ve never been on Jimmy Kimmel.  Stupid Jimmy Kimmel.

6 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Chocolate Rain

  1. Rebecca

    That was crazy. Don’t feel bad, I finally just watched the “don’t tase me bro” clip that was viewed and talked about for months.

  2. Anna

    that is so funny, a guy at church was just singing that song and I kept thinking how random…but really those clips were pretty random!!

  3. I was a late discovering Tay Zonday also. Once I did, I was intrigued. So much so that I’ve done an in depth blog about each of his songs and the history behind him being propelled to internet fame.
    There is real talent here. His voice alone could get him tv gigs or guest spots. Chocolate Rain was an unfinished experiment, posted to get feedback from other musicians. Unfortunately it took off in that rough format and some thought it was a joke. Listen to “Someday”, “Love”, and “Too Big for You”. There’s more to this guy than the “rain” song.

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