This And That

-This weekend I did something I hadn’t done in a long time.  I pulled an all-nighter.  I had a 10-15 page paper due for my War & Diplomacy class on Sunday and just like in my college days, when I was college age, I put it off until the last possible moment.  I was up until 4 AM on Thursday, 3 AM on Friday, and 5:30 AM Saturday.  I’ve always been a night person and much prefer staying in bed to going to bed, but needless to say I was exhausted for the next few days. However I now know more about internal French politics in the late 19th century and their effect on the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 than anyone could possibly want.  And I like this stuff!  No word on the grade yet.  I’ll keep you posted.

-In my estimation there is no greater invention over the last 50 years than the cell phone camera.  Ok, slight overstatement maybe, but it really is great.  You never know when you might happen across something interesting or odd or shocking or otherwise photo worthy, but now you can always be ready to capture it forever.  For instance, here’s a picture of a the recycled battery bin at my office.  I don’t know, I thought it was neat.

-I was looking for some information about qualifying children for tax purposes, and stumbled across this document.  Its a document explaining various false assumptions people have about taxes, especially in regards to getting out of paying them.  For instance, one such argument is that filing and paying taxes is voluntary.  Um, I think word may have gotten out about his if it were true.  Another contention is that the term “United States” only applies to the District of Columbia, federal territories (like Puerto Rico) and federal enclaves (like military bases).  Therefore, only people living in those places have to pay taxes.  Apparently, these people misunderstand the generally accepted belief that the word “state” does in fact refer to states.  Though we could probably win the title of country with the longest name if we called ourselves the United District of Columbia, Federal Territories and Enclaves.  Nothing like living the in good ‘ol U.D.C.F.T and E.  I read through quite a bit of this thing and its surprisingly funny for an IRS document.  You tax folks may get a kick out of it.

-For those of you not yet on the Netflix train and still renting your movies from a [snicker] video store, I have two things to say to you.  First, what is it like to eschew convenience, and second, feel free to join the 21st century any time.  After the cell phone camera, Netflix has to be the second greatest invention of the past 50 years.  Besides the obvious convenience of getting movies delivered to your door, there are never any late fees.  My monthly Netflix bill is roughly the same as the cost of renting one video from my local Blockbuster after I forget to return it for two weeks.  BN (Before Netflix) Jen and I each had an account at our local video store and it was always a gamble as to which one we should use because we knew one of them had a huge late fee.  But those days are over.  Not only do I no longer live in fear of video late fee collection thugs, but Netflix has literally everything.  New releases are great and easy to find, but try finding Errol Morris’ great pet cemetery documentary Gates of Heaven at your Hollywood Video.  Right now Jen and I are watching an interesting BBC reality show called 1940’s Housethat we never would’ve even known about if it wasn’t for Netflix.  If you like movies, or TV shows without commercials, or obscure documentaries and PBS specials and hate late fees, waiting in line, and zit faced “customer service” associates, you need to use Netflix, or at least one of it’s copy cats.

-We’ll end this bizarre post with a couple links.  The first is to the Film Chat blog, a good site for movie news, and this post with a video showing the trailer for the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight, side-by-side with what may or may not be a trailer for the original Batman movie.  Whether it is the actual original trailer or a clever edit job, its pretty cool.  If you like Batman.

I saw the headline for this post on the WordPress sign-in page.  Could this be the most delicious business deal of all-time?


5 thoughts on “This And That

  1. Last 50 years, let’s see… Starbucks? Velcro? MP3 player? Talking toilet paper roll holder?

    I think Wesly Snipes is one of those Tax fanatics, if I remeber correctly.

    Netfilx! Love it. We have hit Tv shows, 1930s classics and mythbusters collections all in the same cue. Something for everyone.

    I believe Mr. Snipes is currently spending some time in his local penitentiary for his tax trouble.

  2. Rebecca

    Netflix? J/k! :) We don’t belong, but I think that we rent maybe 3-4 movies a year. I like the tax misconceptions.

    Well I guess if that’s the only movie watching you’re doing, you aren’t missing too much. I thought Wayne might appreciate some of those tax schemes.

  3. shoppingbasket

    LOL thanks for the link. Wrigley’s and Mars, redefining the meaning of a tasty acquisition! ;-)

    MY pleasure. Thanks for stopping by.

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