Old Photos

Found a new web site today that looks like a good place to waste countless otherwise productive hours.  Its called Old Pictures and that’s just about all it is.  Photos from the late 1800’s to about the 1930’s of all sorts of stuff.  Famous people, the Civil War, Indians, landscapes, all that’s fit to photo.  If you’re into old pictures go check it out.  There is also an associated blog that posts a new old photo everyday.  Add it to your RSS reader if you fancy yourself a photog lover and get your fix of old school picture snapping.


2 thoughts on “Old Photos

  1. Jennylu

    Commenting on the last several posts all in one: Congratulations on the grade — bummer on the spelling — clever photo-art — I checked out that lady with the incredible memory too – what a shame it does her so little practical good — interesting photo web site. I was hoping for old Ando photos though when I first saw the title. Have a nice day :)

    Booo! You’ve robbed the other posts of their rightful comments. Oh well, a catch-all comment is better than no comment at all.

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