The Fiery Furnace & YouTube Friday: Lovely Lily (and Mommy)

I guess I missed the memo, but apparently Sonoma County has been relocated to the surface of the sun.  It was 103 yesterday.  In May!  Unfortunately for Jen, Lily, and I, our house is no refuge from the swelter.  I checked the thermostat when I got home from work and it was literally off the charts.  Our dial doesn’t go up high enough to record the actual temperature but I do know it was over 90.  My poor dog.  Even walking bare foot on the carpet burned my feet.  Walking through the front door was like walking into the fiery furnace.  I felt like Shaddrack, Meshack, and Abenego.  All that was missing was the towering idol of Nebucanezzer.  Today should be nicer.  It’s only supposed to be 99.  Kill me.

In other, less heated news, I made Jen a special video for Mother’s Day.  I had this grandiose vision of approximating a technique used in this Gatorade commercial for all the photos I wanted to use.  Obviously I don’t have the equipment and expertise to replicate it perfectly, but I thought I’d figured out how to fake it pretty well.  However, it required me doing some major photoshopping to about 30 pictures, which of course I did first before actually trying to put the theorehtical effect into practical use.  Imagine my chagrin when at about 1:30AM Mother’s Day morning when I couldn’t get everything to cooperate as I had envisioned.  I ended up having to bite the bullet and just go with the standard-type slideshow, which I finally finished at about 3 AM (what is it with me and late night deadlines).  I did manage to fake the effect I was going for on a few pictures, and looking back now with the clarity of a full nights rest, it was probably best to use it sparingly anyway.  Plus Jen cried while watching the video, so I guess it did its job.  So without further adieu, I give you Lovely Lily (and Mommy).


7 thoughts on “The Fiery Furnace & YouTube Friday: Lovely Lily (and Mommy)

  1. HI Andy, for some reason I can’t see the video and I wanted to let you know. It is probably just me, though.

    Hmmm, I can’t see it either. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.


  2. Anna

    so I have an idea… guys should move down here so I can see Lily, like everyday, okay?? she is sooooo cute!!

  3. Sarah

    I loved the video. Our whole family watched it. Bekah kept talking to Lilly and loved seeing her. It was so cute.

  4. Very sweet and sticky. like the way my shirt stuck to my chest during the heat wave.

    Nice job. I’m sure it was very much appreciated. Fatherhood kinda brings out the sappiness in us doesn’t it?

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