Thursday Randomness

Because what’s more random than a Thursday?  Along with Tuesday, it’s like the middle child, even though Wednesday is technically in the middle.  But Wednesday has the distinction of being “hump day.”  You’ve reached the pinnacle of the week, and now the light at the end of the week is starting to glimmer.  But Tuesday and Thursday?  There’s not much to love there.  Sure, Monday gets put down because the weekend is over and its back to the old grindstone, but at least it gets some attention.  There’s even a couple of songs about Mondays.  Manic Monday by the Bengals and Monday, Monday by the Mamas and the Pappas.  Friday is of course beloved the world over and everyone loves the weekend days.  But poor Tuesday and Thursday.  So to give this particular Thursday some love, here are a few random things to consider.

– Read an interesting post on Without Wax yesterday.  Should Christians get cosmetic surgery?  Be sure to read the comments.  It’s an interesting question and there’s some pretty good stuff in there.  What do you think?

– For all you Bay Area dwellers out there, a local fixture has left us.  KTVU channel 2 news anchor man Dennis Richmond made his last broadcast last night.  Mr. Richmond has been on channel 2 since I can remember.  Other local news anchors came and went, Pete Wilson, Dave Macalhatten, Elaine Corral, Ed Beout, but I could always count on Dennis Richmond.  Not that I ever really watch local news, but still, it’ll be weird seeing someone else in his chair.  Farewell and good luck Mr. Richmond, you will be missed when I occasionally flip past channel 2 between 10 and 11 on weeknights.

– You know what really needs to stop?  People putting stickers on stop signs to make them say something else.  Like STOP “Bombing El Salvador.”  Or STOP “Using pesticides.”  Or STOP “Reading this sign.”  Or the one I saw yesterday, STOP “Bush please!” I want to make my own sticker. STOP “Putting stupid stickers on STOP signs.  No one thinks they’re clever or witty and anyone who does is probably a communist.”  I think I’ve made my point.

– Speaking of the President and lame stickers, I realize that he is not the most popular guy around.  And while I don’t always agree (or share the bile bubbling vitriol that is often exhibited by the mere mention of his name), I can at least understand some people’s perterbmentedness.  But do we still need all the Bush slamming bumper stickers and such?  Is there really anything left to say that wasn’t said five years ago?  It all seems a little played out to me.  It’s like taking the easy way out.  But I’m sure there’s some nut in his basement somewhere still racking his brain for the next great warmed over fender manifesto.


– I am pleased to announce that I won my first game of the season Tuesday night.  We beat our rival 31-21.  No, it was softball, not football.  I went 4×6 with a double.


– And lastly, there is a new post on Past Tense which I’m sure will appeal to a wide, general audience.  How can Clausewitz and Sun Tzu be applied to naval warfare?  Man, that’s compelling stuff.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Randomness

  1. Anna

    I for one do not appreciate you likening Thursdays and Tuesday to middle children and then saying that there is not much to love about them…….hello, who gave your daughter her very first gift and the coolest gift??

  2. Can’t think of anything amusing to write…Curses!

    love the random posts. And I agree, middle children are made only to be ignored. (major apologizes to Anna. )

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