I Demand an Explanation!


Can somebody please explain this to me?


Men with pony tails




The recent proliferation of mini-burgers


God’s sovereignty in light of man’s free will.  This one deserves fleshing out.  I’m not implying that God is somehow restricted by man or that He can’t do whatever He wants and I’m not talking in terms of salvation, but rather in living.  Was it God’s will that I wore a black shirt today?  Yes, that’s a pretty silly question, but following that logic, when I have a big life decision to make, am I really making that decision, or has God already made it for me?  Maybe a better phrasing of the question would be, how much does God intervene in day to day living of human beings?  Is there even a way to answer that question?


Hitler’s declaration of war on the US immediately after Pearl Harbor




Coastal areas are generally so much more liberal than interior areas


Things that are hard go soft when stale, things that are soft get hard when stale


The continued appeal and success of Tom Bergeron


There are 33 different varieties of Colgate toothpaste (yes, I actually counted)


Meatloaf waited 20 years between the releases of his two albums


And what is it that Meatloaf won’t do for love


This man had a relatively successful career in show business


People read this blog



6 thoughts on “I Demand an Explanation!

  1. Ando,

    I’ll won’t answer question #5 here – but point you in a direction, and then we can chat about it live, and you can come back and blog your thinking? How about that?

    Here’s the direction – read Wayne Grudem’s chapter on God’s Providence in his Systematic Theology (it’s number 16) and then we can talk. If you want I will photocopy the chapter for you and get it to you later this week.

    For other readers of this blog – I’m not saying I have all the answers, just a good direction on it. So don’t get all bent out of shape!

    How dare you claim to have all the answers! Just kidding. I would be happy to read a photocopy of that chapter. I’m sure not only will it be informative, but reading a copied chapter about theology will make me feel better about committing copyright infringement. I’ll find you on Sunday. Thanks.

  2. Meatloaf will not get married. That is what he won’t do. Rhett and I fleshed that out for quite some time! pony tails I can’t stand! I would like to add shoes without socks to your list by the way.

    RE: Meatloaf: that’s right! Thank you for taking the time to actually listen to the rest of the lyrics so that I didn’t have to…..oh, who am I kidding I know most of them by heart.

    I don’t think the pony tail thing will ever be fully understood and as for the shoes without socks thing I guess we could just ask my dad about that. Dad, care to share?

  3. Jeff

    Ben Affleck , Oscar winner. Vienna Sausage. Beneful Dogfood (every time I here that name on TV I get angry) Those “He went to Jarod’s ” commercials.

    Well, while I was looking for answers, all of these are legitimate items that need explanation. I’ll attempt a couple.

    Ben Affleck did win his Oscar for screenwriting (along with Matt Damon for Good Will Hunting) and not for acting and at the time was relatively unknown, so the academy clearly hadn’t figured out yet that Matt Damon did all the work and merely allowed Affleck to attach his name to the screenplay as a gesture of kindness to his childhood friend.

    Not too long ago I bought some Vienna sausages because I had always wanted to try them as a kid but my mom would never buy them for me. Little did I know that she was doing her motherly best to shield me from the cruel reality that not all things labeled “sausage” are as delightful as I had come to believe. It was a very rude awakening and one from which I did not recover quickly. That’s not really an explanation, just a story. I like to tell stories.

    Pretty much any TV commercial involving a Jerad of any kind makes me want to use a staple gun on my face. Jewelry, Subway sandwiches, they’re all very irritating. That wasn’t really an explanation either. Oh well, its my blog.

  4. brad

    The majority of your comments/questions are about Meatloaf…… Meatloaf…..

    Think about that………….

    Not to poo-poo your arithmetic chops oh great Poobah of Mathematics, but since when does 2 out of 14 constitute a majority? Wow, there was a lot of poo in that sentence.

  5. rob

    There are many here I can answer Andy, but you need to tell which ones you would most like me to answer.

    I will say, however, that Pauly Shore’s mother owned one of the largest and well known comedy clubs in so cal. She helped many famous (and actually funny) people get their start. One day she was probably looking at her worthless stoner son and thought “there are some people out there who owe me a favor” and the rest, as they say buuuuuudddddyyy, is history.

    Well, at least we know who to blame now I guess. Please explain cricket. As in the sport, not the insect.

  6. Coastal areas are generally so much more liberal than interior areas-

    Simple. People who live in coastal areas pay more for there homes, which means they are used to spending large amounts of money on things that aren’t worth more, except for in their own minds. Things like homes, sushi and government.

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