Wednesday Review: Netflix’s Little Tiny Black Box

As if Netflix wasn’t already completely awesome, they’ve gone and added to their awesomeness.  A while back they started offering the option of watching selected titles instantly on your computer.  No waiting for DVD’s to arrive in the mail, just click Play and in seconds you’re enjoying your selection.  They gave this feature the stunningly creative moniker of Watch Instantly.  Pretty cool stuff and probably the future of all home video viewing.  Well now they’ve taken it one splendid step forward.  You can now buy, for the one time price of $99.95, a little tiny black box.  Exciting right?  Well just wait till you hear what the little tiny black box can do.  Watching movies instantly on your PC is great, but for most folks this would mean watching them in an office chair at your desk.  That’s all fine and good if you’re paying bills or something and need a little entertainment while you work.  But no one wants to gather the family around the home office desk in office chairs to watch a movie on a Friday night.  That’s where the little tiny black box comes in.

 The little tiny black box connects to your internet connection, independent of your computer, and your TV and allows you to watch any of the Watch Instantly available movies or TV shows you have in your Netflix queue.  You control it with an included remote that allows you to scroll through the selections in your queue, on your TV screen mind you, and play, pause, fast-forward or reverse, just like you would be able to if you were watching an actual DVD.  Since Jen and I are likely pulling the plug on the cable (I say likely because we’ve been saying that for about four months now) I figured this was a pretty good investment.  I got my little tiny black box yesterday and got it set up and was watching a movie all in about 10 minutes.  You can plug it into your network with a standard network cable, but its also wireless capable so if you’ve got a wireless router you’re pretty much good to go.  I went with the wireless option.  Picture and sound quality were good and I haven’t had any choppiness or pixelating.  Its just like watching a DVD.  If you stop in the middle of a movie, you can even go back and resume from where you left off.

 Not all Netflix titles are available for Watch Instantly, but there are a lot and more are being added all the time.  And like I said, streaming video onto our TVs is the future of home video viewing so you know there is a lot more to come.

 I’ve sung the praises of Netflix so many times before that you’d think I’m on their payroll, but really I’m not.  I just think they have a great service and they seem to always be doing things to improve it.  If you love movies like I do it’s the only way to fly.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Review: Netflix’s Little Tiny Black Box

  1. I read about this on a gadget blog. Apparently Netflix is licensing these boxes from numerous companies, which should help drive the growth of their WI titles.

  2. Jennylu

    When do you actually have time to watch movies — you have about 32 blogs to post on now!!

    BTW, that sounds like a pretty cool new feature.

    Hey, its only, like, six blogs. Well, maybe seven. But only about half of those get updated on a regular basis.

  3. I want this now

    It’s pretty cool dude. You would love it because most of those 80’s TV shows you love are available for instant watching; Knight Rider, Simon & Simon, Rockford Files, Columbo, to name just a few.

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