YouTube Friday: Duck Soup

I watched Duck Soup last week end, which stars the four Marx brothers:  Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo.  Actually, I watched it twice.  Its only about an hour long so I had to see it two times to feel I got a whole movies worth.  That’s not true, it crams so much absurdity into one hour that any longer and it would’ve made my brain melt.  I was going to do a full Wednesday Review of it, but to be honest I wouldn’t even know where to start.  Like I said, it’s so chock full of delicious absurdity that a proper review would be pointless.  Whether its the one-liners, the slapstick, or the over-the-top musical numbers, it’s comedy of the highest degree.  There’s no better example of all those elements working together in perfect harmony than this Goin’ to War musical number.  Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Duck Soup

  1. robin boyd

    People are so weird. Its amazing that so much time and money is spent on a strange production like that. Even stranger that people are entertained by it. Even stranger stranger that someone could be entertained by it TWICE!

    “We got guns, they got guns, all God’s chillens gots guns.”

    Tell me how that is not hilarious.

  2. Jeff

    Duck Soup is quite simply one of the funniest films ever made and that particular sequence is comic genius. For all its silliness and mayhem there is some pretty biting satire hidden between the lines.

    It came out in 1933, and the satire was obvious enough that it was banned in Italy by Mussolini. Ever since I watched it I’ve had the song from this clip running through my head. “With a hey, nany, nany, and a ‘otch chach cha!”

  3. I’ve watched a lot of really dumb movies. Really dumb. This one seems like their king.
    Congrats on the latest movie find! You are a cinema master!

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