YouTube Friday: Superheroes: The Untold Story

We had an event for the Jr. High youth group I am a sponsor for (and that Josh The Rev is the pastor of) called Oscar Night last year.  The kids were divided into four groups, each group given a bag of costume stuff and a plot starter, and they had to come up with a movie which I shot on video.  At the end of the night we watched all the movies and the sponsors awarded Oscars for best actor and actress, best picture, and some other categories.  We all had a blast.  I took all the videos home with the intention of editing each one and adding music, credits, and other fun stuff you can’t do in-camera.  Well, that was last spring and I just fnished the first of the four movies.  This was the winner for best picture.  Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Superheroes: The Untold Story

  1. Sarah

    Chris and I had lots of fun watching the movie. We had a blast doing the Oscar’s with the Jr. High group. You never know what you are going to get.

  2. Claire

    I thought the banjo player died…I’m confused. Job well done on the video brother. Good soundtrack.

    Thanks, sister. Is this Claire’s debut as a Life of Ando commentor?”

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