YouTube Friday: I don’t even know what to call this

You know, I hate to look down my nose at other Christians but when they go and do something like this its awfully hard not to.  I’ve been raised in church my entire life and know hundreds, if not thousands, of church going folks, and have been to countless churches around the country and I have never in my life witnessed something even remotely close to what you are about to watch.  If you’re at work, close your office door so your co-workers can’t hear your reaction or they may think you’ve gone stark raving mad.  Hat tip to The Search where I first saw this gem.

Unfortunately, now that its gone viral, this will be the image a hearty portion of the world’s unchurched will have when they think of Sunday morning services.

7 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: I don’t even know what to call this

  1. Tara

    I am so embarassed for those people! And it bothers me that they used the same pop beats that make up an NSYNC song…..and it bothers me that I know that. Ugh.

  2. Rebecca

    Okay, that was bad. Wayne watched it and said they must “homeschool” (no offense to any homeschoolers out there, I was homeschooled). I told Wayne that wasn’t possible. It was too contemporary with all that *gasp* dancing. :)

  3. It’s the logical steps that churches will go to as their congregations become more of an audience and less of a body. I hate to be the cynical jerk, but 50 years ago church goes would have been horrified if they could see us with our bands and singing groups.

    Most churches have a stage, singers, musicians and the congregations all clap at the end of a song. So these folks added a routine… not a huge stretch in my mind. Just you wait…

    Again apologies from your local heathen.

    That doesn’t make you a heathen. A cynic maybe, but not a heathen. :)

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