Carl’s Jr. Is Trying To Kill Me

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Friends, I made an alarming discovery this afternoon that has the potential to alter my life in a drastic way.  Carl’s Jr. makes very good milkshakes.  This may seem like great news at first glance, and indeed I was myself at first thrilled to discover it, but upon further reflection I’ve come to believe it as potentially detrimental.  You, fare readers, I’m something of a milk shake afficianado and if given the ease of opportunity I could envision myself drinking one nearly every day.  What has kept me from doing so is not unlike what has kept me  from consuming deadly amounts of bacon and other cured meats, which I have previously discussed.  There is a built in safeguard against over consuming such delights, which is that they are kind of a pain to prepare.  Now, you can find a milkshake on just about every corner in town, but I usually avoid shakes from fast food places because they’re usually lousy and the hole-in-the-wall burger joints that do have the good stuff don’t usually have drive-thrus.  The prospect of having to find a place to park, get out of the car, and wait in line has more than once deterred me from purchasing the semi-liquid treat.  So this new found fact has me much concerned.  It wouldn’t be big deal except that there is a Carl’s Jr. a mere half-mile from my work and I pass it at least twice a day, sometimes more.

I’d been craving a shake for a week or so, so on my way home I decided I’d give CJ’s a try and maybe I’d get lucky and it wouldn’t be half bad.  If I had only known.  Jen and I have been doing Weight Watchers for the past few weeks and I’ve done pretty well, losing about five pounds.  But I fear this is going to put a damper on the whole endeavor.  I think I can live with that.


3 thoughts on “Carl’s Jr. Is Trying To Kill Me

  1. Patricia almost lived on these for the last 3 months of the Hannah pregnancy. Seriously, the crew all Knew me. They are excellent.

    There, all fixed. Now no one will know.

  2. Don’t you hate when you see a misspelling right after you hit ‘submit’ ?

    Seriously, it just ruined my morning.

    Yes, I do hate that. But try not to let it ruin your morning. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll correct the mistake and it’ll be our little secret. Well, except for this comment.

  3. Thank you sir!

    The morning was a wash anyway. Turns out, solid spelling wouldn’t have helped a bit , but I do appreciate your sympathy and fixing of my mistakes.

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