He’s Baaaaaaaack.

In June Jen and I shut off the cable.  Today I took a two hour lunch to meet the cable guy to have him turn it back on.  Such is the power of post season baseball.  In similar circumstances back in 2005, I just headed over to my parent’s house and took over their TV for the Angels’ playoff games.  I had planned on doing the same thing this post season but failed to take into consideration that I’m now a father.  I can’t very well be leaving my wife home alone with the baby three or four nights a week and while I could take the tike with me, there’s so much gear to pack up and transport its a giant hassle.  So I did the only thing a clear minded sports fan could do.  I called the cable guy.  We vowed (Jen and I, not me and the cable guy) to shut it back off after the World Series, so hopefully we’ll follow through.  Its been pretty nice not having the rectangular time stealer beckoning us every waking minute, but its nice to have him back, as long as he doesn’t wear out his welcome.  Please pray for me.  I’m a sick man.

4 thoughts on “He’s Baaaaaaaack.

  1. You won’t happen to catch an episode of “The Office” every now and then will you?

    Well, I guess it would be silly not to, you know, since its there. ;]

  2. Rebecca

    Unfortunately I do not think that I would give up my tv. It is my sanity in the winter to give the girls something to do (not that they watch it all day), BUT, it does help break up the monotony of the days. There is nothing worse then a 10 degree day being stuck inside all day with 4 little kids. There is only so many crafts, books, projects you an do in a day with them. :)

    I don’t blame you. If I lived pretty much anywhere other than California I’d be in the same boat. But I am in California and there’s probably only about six days a year where staying inside is justified.

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