The Postseason

Today is the first day of the MLB postseason and I’ll admit I’ve already got butterflies.  My Angels will face the Red Sox, starting tonight at seven, for the third time in five years and hopefully can perform a little better than in the past.  Going back to the 1986 American League Championship series the Halos have lost nine straight playoff games to the Sox, a trend that must end or I may end up performing a spleenectomy on myself with a butter knife.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Josh The Rev is out of town, so I’ll be running the show at youth group tonight which starts at precisely the same moment John Lackey will be throwing the first pitch of the game.  Nothing like watching a playoff game on tape delay.  You owe me Carrillo!

Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll have lots of happy baseball thoughts to report.  If I appear to be mysteriously absent from these quarters for a prolonged length of time, check the box scores.  If the Angels have not fared well, you may want to alert the authorities and request a check the welfare.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that either.  Go Vlad go!


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