YouTube Friday: Game Changer

As a new parent I’m learning more and more that even what seems like the smallest thing can make you happier in that one tiny moment than you ever thought possible.  Things like traversing a foot and a half on hands and knees.  Jen appologizes for the screaming.

Here’s another video.  Less milestoney, but pretty funny and definitely cute.  But then, I am a little partial.

5 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Game Changer

  1. Jeremy

    First – Kludge is right – now that movement has started life will never be the same – let the chasing begin!!!!!!!!! Second – Jen’s screaming is hilarious – Jeremy and I both laughed at that more than watching the video!!! Now we do know where Lily gets it! (And where Allie gets it – learned it from her friend Lily :) )

    Great videos – the second one is funny too!

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