Bossman Junior and Completely Unrelated Personal Stories

No, those are not my wings

– For those of you with the intestinal fortitude to make it halfway through my elongated World Series preview, you may recall my wondering how a guy named Melvin Emmanuel Upton ended up with the nickname B.J.  Well, it turns out that the B and the J are initials to the awesomest nickname ever.  The Yahoo Sports baseball blog explains.

– The House of Bauer is just now recovering from a pretty unpleasent bout with the influenza.  Lily was the first to succomb, vomitting all over herself and then her mother multiple times late Friday night.  She was fine for the most part after that, and even made the planned trip to the blazing hot, fly infested pumpkin patch on Saturday (ok, neither the heat nor the flys were planned).  I was the next to fall, waking up Monday morning feeling, as I told Jen, either really hungry or about to barf.  It was the latter.  After making hourly trips to the porcelain pony to do the technicolor yawn (though it was mostly just greens and yellows) from 7AM to 1PM, the scurge had mostly left my body.  I say mostly, because it returned for one encore at about 7PM.  Tuesday Jen fell victim and spent most of the day writhing, while I tried to recover/take care of the baby.  Not as easy as it sounds.  Especially when the dog gets loose after a squirrel when you’re trying to take him outside for some air and you end up running through bushes and leaping over brush to keep him from running into four lanes of busy traffic, all in your pjs and slippers.  We all seem to be on the mend now, but it has not made for a pleasent several days.

– The outlook was much brighter on Friday night, when we attended our annual costume party.  Jen and I came as 1960’s bowlers, for which we won the coveted Most Unique Costume bag of M&M’s, and Lily came as an adorable sock monkey (see above).  There were a lot of really good costumes, some of which can be seen here (unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of everybody), and we had a great time.  Mostly because we won something.

– Tomorrow our recovering trio heads, yet again, for Sacramento, though for business rather than pleasure this time.  Jen will be attending a teachers convention while Lily and I do something fun like hang out in the hotel and watch soap operas.  Just kidding, we’ll probably just go to a bar and watch them.


3 thoughts on “Bossman Junior and Completely Unrelated Personal Stories

  1. Anna

    congrats on the most unique prize and Lily makes an adorable sock monkey….I am going to be a princess, putting an old bridemaid dress to good use!! Also, what are you and Jen supposed to be in the picture with Jen in that fabulous long haired wig??

    That was when we went as our good friends Mike and Leslie Tonks. One of our more creative ideas, I think. I’ll have to try to find a picture of them to compare it to.

  2. Stephanie

    Sad that you had the flu – we can all feel your pain – it is HORRIBLE – but so glad you are on the mend! The sock monkey is adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun in Sacramento!

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