La Musica! (Part Deux)

ipodI’m going to try to be a little ambitious this week and pound out a post everyday.  I’ve got a few ideas I’m anxious to get out from between my ears before they vanish, so we’ll see how it goes.  The trials of life may preclude me from being as successful as I want to be, but you have to try, right?  Well, unless you’re Yoda and then it’s all or nothing.  But what does he know anyway, he’s green.  Before diving into today’s post in earnest here’s a quick tentative preview of what I want to do this week:

Today:  A few of the songs I’m currently enjoying repeatedly

Tuesday:  An update on my continuing pursuit of a career in law enforcement

Wednesday:  A music review

Thursday:  What anti-religion types don’t seem to get about America

Friday:  Another music post

I’ll probably take the weekend off, if that’s OK with you?  On to today’s material…

If you’re looking for the latest hits or a super secret new indie band, you’ve come to the wrong place.  For some unexplained reason whenever I hear a new song–almost always, but especially if it’s an artist I’m not familiar with–I immediately dismiss it as crap.  I have no idea why and about 50% of the time I end up changing my mind.  But what this inevitably does is leave me far behind the leading edge of the new music scene.  I think it has to do with some latent iconoclast streak that lies dormant most of the time, but for some reason is roused by the latest tuneage.  So more often than not I’m really into music that most other people were really into last year or last decade or even last millennia (Yeah, I know the 1000’s only ended eight years ago, but I’m going for drama here, don’t ruin it for me).  The following list of songs (available for your listening pleasure in the Box at the top of the left hand sidebar) I’m currently into right now should make this phenomenon painfully obvious, with one exception.  We’ll start with the exception.

Weird Al Yankovic – Whatever You Like:  You’d think after 25 years the parody act would be wearing thin, but that just speaks to Al’s genius as a spoofmaster.  He has wisely changed with the times, skewering a fair share of the latest hippity-hop hits.  His latest takes aim at T.I.’s Whatever You Like and is a promise to his lady friend that even though “Our economy is in the toilet” she can have whatever she likes.  Even White Castle.  Any song that can seamlessly work “assistant manager at Kinkos” and “top ramen” into the lyrics is OK in my book.

The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man:  How the intro to this song has not been used in a film as the background music to a group of snazzily dressed tough guys walking towards the camera in slow motion is a mystery to me.  I know what I must now do with my life.

Henry Mancini – Moon River:  This might seem like a bit of a sissy pick, but after listing a song called Street Fighting Man I get some leeway.  This is definitely my dads influence.  Growing up my dad always had Mancini records and I loved listening to the themes to the Pink Panther and Peter Gunn.  Mancini is probably one of my favorite composers.  I love the feel and style of the late 1950’s and the 1960’s and Mancini’s music is the quintessential orchestral soundtrack to go with it, lonesome harmonica and all.  Moon River is melancholy, yet hopeful.  It makes me feel sad and happy all at the same time.  Ok, moving on.

David Bowie – Space Oddity:  This song is either music genius or currently enshrined in the Cheese Hall of Fame.  Or maybe both.  I haven’t decided yet.  Even though it came out five years before I was even born I’d only heard snippets of it here and there and never the original.  That is until recently.  I’ll admit that in the last two weeks I’ve probably listened to it between 20 and 30 times.  Sometimes three or four times in a row.  I’m not really sure why.  Jen just thinks it’s creepy, and while I will freely admit that David Bowie is one of the top five creepiest people on earth, the song is actually not creepy at all.  In fact, it’s the opposite of creepy.  It’s kind of affirming in a weird way.  Well, I like it anyway.

Looking Glass – Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl):  I have a dream.  Someday I will sing this song at a karaoke bar.  Someday. (Hopefully it goes better than this.)  Yes, this is a guilty pleasure song that has no business being on anyone’s list of anything.  I don’t know if it’s the organ, the catchy tune, the sea faring theme, or the inexplicable lyrics (is the North of Spain known for the finest silver?).  Whatever it is, I love it.  Incidentally, as a young teen my dad played bass in a band called the Looking Glass.  Unfortunately he receives no royalties from Brandy.


3 thoughts on “La Musica! (Part Deux)

  1. Justin

    First, I’ve got to say, I’m a fan of the 5. Is this a first? …me agreeing with your musical tastes? Bravo Bauer, bravo. Secondly, I remember, while growing up, I would often confuse Space Oddity with Peter Schilling’s – Major Tom (I’m pretty sure it everything to do with the Major Tom part of it). Reading this latest blog post, I remembered the frequent mistake of my youth and decided to youtube the latter. I’m not sure what’s worse, how horrifically cheesey this MTV classic of the 80’s is – with its roller-skating waitresses (still holding their trays of food, mind you) all-the-while skating on clouds with “earth below us” – or the fact that I actually watched long enough to see that part.

    If you choose to indulge, by all means. …but consider yourself warned.

    This may indeed be a Bauer/Murazzo Musical First. I thought for sure you would disapprove, but then again with sweet hits like these how could you? I watched the video. Um, thanks for that. I guess.

  2. Weird Al Yankovic – He’s fun once in a while, and he definitely makes me laugh, but I usually want to hear the original version of the song after I’ve heard his.

    The Rolling Stones – Why were they so obsessed with stereo gymnastics in the 60’s? I like the Stones, but like their good boy counterparts, the left to right music makes me sick after a while. BTW this song sucks. (sorry bout that)

    Henry Mancini – Moon River. Lets see… From a movie about a runaway mother mother turned hooker, a future A-Team leader as a gigolo , this theme was my favorite part. I whole heartily agree. I love to sing this song, it’s just perfect!

    David Bowie- A classic, but I’m not a huge Bowie fan. I was, (i’ve even seen him in concert) but I also used to like Erasure. People change and it’s strange how song sound different reflected in your current situation in life.

    Good post! Fun to see what weirdness your into these days!

    I hadn’t heard the original to the Al parody before. I’ve listened to it once and probably never will again. A little racy for my taste. I’m not a big Bowie fan either. I mean I like weird and all, but he takes it to a new and disturbing level at times.

  3. phoenixrisingsf

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    Have a great weekend!

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