YouTube Friday: Battle of the Network Stars

As any longtime reader of Life of Ando should know, Bill Simmons is my favorite sportswriter.  No blends sports and pop culture quite as hilariously.  His only real drawbacks are that he cheers for Boston sports teams and he was born just enough before me that I miss out on some of his older pop culture references.  But really, that’s his parents’ fault so I won’t hold it against him too much.  A recent column of his in ESPN the Magazine falls into this category, but thanks to YouTube I am able to see what he’s talking about and while it may not have the same resonance for me after first viewing it as a 31 year old as it did for him viewing it as a pre-teen, its still hilarious.  I’m talking of course of the Gabe Kaplan vs. Robert Conrad race on Battle of the Network Stars.  Any more words of mine on this matter would be hollow and empty compared to Bill’s so I’ll let him do the rest of the talking.  Read the column, watch the video, and enjoy.


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