Non-binding Resolution

unEvery so often you’ll hear on the news about the U.N. member nations making a non-binding resolution.  Usually this means their all telling some third-world dictator to “stop hogging all the rice other nations have been sending your country to feed your impoverished masses, but if you keep doing it we won’t actually do anything to stop you.”  In theory this is supposed to show the solidarity of the rest of the world to said dictator and shame him into doing the right thing.  However, third-world dictators aren’t usually known for their propensity for actually being shamed into anything they don’t want to do and so he goes about his merry way, hoarding, marauding, and genociding till his hearts content.  To which the world collective lets out a tired, “meh”, since to actually do anything to make the third-world dictator in question stop his fiendish ways would require the Security Council to violate its charter of peace, love, harmony, and all that jazz.

I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on the ol’ UN, seeing as how most of my resolutions seem to end up as the non-binding variety (though, in my defense, it should be pointed out that my failures rarely result in genocide).  And so it goes even at this early stage of 2009 that my resolutions are already seeming to fall by the wayside.  There is still time to right the ship of course (its only Jan. 5th), and I do intend to stick to my guns on at least a couple of them.  Jen was making her own list the other night, and even just doing that got her discouraged because she felt that she wasn’t going to follow through anyway so why bother.  I can certainly understand her frustration and have shared it on many an occasion.  But I told her, and myself, that the real failure is to not try at all.  I’m reminded of a story I was recently told of someone’s father, who nearly every year made a commitment to spend more time with God.  The reason for the repeat resolution was that he didn’t feel he was following through.  For years this went on.  But now, hardly a day goes by that this man doesn’t spend his morning with the Lord.  What would have happened if he quit trying after year three?

And so the annual tradition of resolution and failure continues, with the hope that someday the cycle will be broken and I can finally resolve to stop making resolutions.  Here’s to 2009, the year (to steal a much worn and dead-horse beaten phrase) of Change.

On a semi-related note, check out these two posts from The Search.  Some great thoughts on resolutions and the grand scheme of things.


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