Wednesday Review: Hole In The Wall

The other night I watched perhaps the dumbest TV show ever to become an international sensation.  Twice.  It’s called Hole In The Wall and if you haven’t heard of it you must live in Turkmenistan, the one country where it hasn’t caught on yet.  Or you just don’t watch enough TV.  Or you read books.

 I guess you’d call it a game show.  The idea is for the contestants, three to a team, to fit through odd shaped holes in a wall that moves toward them, and not break it or get pushed into a pool of water.  That’s it.  Sounds pretty stupid, and it is, but I still watched back-to-back episodes the other night and found myself laughing and enjoying myself with alarming ease.  There’s just something about other people looking ridiculous and getting hit in the head.  I should mention that I routinely laugh to the point of tears at America’s Funniest Home Videos, as long as Tom Bergeron isn’t speaking.  So that should give you some idea as to my level of sophistication.  But apparently I’m not alone.  HITW, as all the cool kids are calling it, originated in Japan (where else) and has spread like Jiffy all over the globe.  So for all those snobby Euros that are constantly bemoaning the USA’s lowest common denominator entertainment migrating across the pond and infecting their wine and cheese “culture”, you can just stick this one up your turned up shnaz.  It went West across the Atlantic.  So there!

Anyway, it is pretty silly.  Here’s a couple clips.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Review: Hole In The Wall

  1. Jennylu

    Well I don’t live in Turkistan so one of those other reasons must apply ‘cuz I’ve never heard of that show. I’m thinking it would be better for my brain cells not to get hooked on that one.
    I have heard of AFV though and enjoy watching that, especially since it produces the most amazing variety of laughter from Catie. And personally, I think Tom B. is the best host so far of this long-running show. If you don’t like Tom, you must not remember the Bob, or Daisy years! :)

    Comparing AFV hosts is a little like comparing flesh eating bacteria, the bubonic plague, and cancor sores. They’re all painful and suck your life away.

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