Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Some Change?

obama_poster_bob_hopeI feel compelled to write something about Tuesday’scoming events for some reason.  I’m not sure what exactly and to be honest I’ve been avoiding any and all talk about the Inauguration, save for the brief clip I saw of the parade of Obamalovin’ bands giving a concert at the Lincoln memorial the other day in which Joe Biden looked like you might expect a 66 year old white guy to look while attending a performance by Usher and Stevie Wonder.  That was pretty solid.

The night of the election I wrote how I was surprised by the feeling of pride I felt in watching Obama’s acceptance speech.  Not because I voted for him, which I didn’t, but because of the historical significance of it all.  For that reason I will most likely find myself tuning in to the coverage at some point on Tuesday.  Being a history buff of some degree it is something I will definitely want to see.  So I guess in that sense I’m excited about it.

In every other sense, excited is not the word I would use.  Just as I was surprised by the pride I felt that November night, I’m a little surprised at what I’m feeling now.  I’m feeling a little annoyed, and a touch peeved.  I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I think I’m feeling this way in anticipation of the way the media is going to cover his presidency, at least early on:  with kid gloves.  It isn’t as if it hasn’t already been happening.  The collective girlish, pensive sighs from the talking heads and news anchors on just about every network were nearly audible all throughout his campaign.  In a way that’s to be expected.  Obama is rhetorically skilled, young, hip, mysterious, and is seen as bursting with Kennedian potential.  What’s not to love, right?  So, I could handle that.  But what about when the things he says and does actually mean something?  When they start effecting my life?  Will the adulatory anchors put his feet to the fire then?

Or maybe I’m just Obamaed out.  So many commercials for commemorative coins, plates, t-shirts, license plate holders, do-it-yourself Obama shrine kits.  That now ubiquitous HOPE poster (parodied above).  And I thought Miley Cyrus was overexposed (is that the second reference to Miley Cyrus on this blog within the week?).  I supposed if I believed in Obama the way so many people do, I wouldn’t be bothered by any of this, and even though I am not among the true believers by any stretch, I’m still a bit surprised its irked me as much as it has.  I don’t know, maybe its the weather (wait, its been in the 70’s for over a week in January, guess that can’t be it).

Well, there.  I’ve satisfied my bizarre urge to wax forth on the coming Inauguration.  To what end?  Who can know.  Its not like I had anything better to do on a Monday night.


3 thoughts on “Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Some Change?

  1. Rebecca

    Andy-thanks for the great post. I have to say that I am with you. I told Wayne last night that I couldn’t wait for Tuesday to be over. I am tired of hearing about how wonderful Obama is. One would think that he is the savior in human form coming to save us. I am excited to see that we have overcome the racial barriers and that history was made today. On the other hand, it will be interesting to see if there is anything worth while that comes from his presidency vs. his great speeches. We’ll see what happens when the rubber meets the road. Talk is easy, action is not.

    it will also be interesting to see if the left-media will ever portray him in any negative light. Bush wasn’t the best, but I think that he was blamed a little too much for things that were beyond his control as president.

  2. i love how you compare being obamaed out to miley cyrus.

    i think you will probably have to keep on hearing that Obama name for awhile.

    i’m glad you shared your thoughts…i think it’ll be an interesting 4 years.

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