Unclaimed & Other Stuff

So I know some of you are still waiting with bated breath for the Lily-centric video I promised a couple weeks ago.  Well, I’m sorry to say you’ll just have to wait a little longer.  Between work, two classes, fatherhood, and shelf construction I just haven’t had the time to do any video editing.  Or editing of any kind for that matter.  So, sorry about that.

In the meantime, here’s something that you may mind a little more practically beneficial to you.  If you live in California, or have ever lived in California, go to this website and enter the information and you may be entitled to some free money.  Jen and I found the tidy some of $1291.52 in our names and received the check yesterday.  Not bad for 23 seconds work.  Give it a gander and don’t say Life of Ando never gave you anything…unless there’s nothing in your name, then you’re more than entitled to day Life of Ando never gave you anything.

I signed up for Facebook several months ago, and after the initial checking out period, about a week or two, I pretty much ignored it.  I’d already sworn off MySpace for the most part, after being a fairly faithful devotee, and figured Facebook was just another goofy timewaster.  Well, Facebook is just another goofy timewaster, but there is a bit more to it than that.  Other than being a forum to unleash a steady stream of what you think are clever status updates on your friends, it is a means of connecting with people you haven’t seen in years or live far away.  MySpace did this too, but there’s something about the status update feature tha makes it easier to do on Facebook.  I was never much of a chatter on MySpace or AIM or any other IM service, at least not sense my college days, but I have done more on Facebook.  Like today for instance, I chatted for quite a while with my buddy Jon the Green Beret while we both watched Puerto Rico pound the USA in the WBC.  Oh, and he was in Afghanistan.  I got to talk to my friend in real time from my living room while he was in a war zone.  Pretty cool.

Facebook is still about 60% timewaster, but the other 40% is a pretty good tool for bringing people together.  Plus its what all the cool kids are doing.


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