Nearly a month ago I posted about the apparent shrinkage over the past couple years of the Cabdury Creme Egg.  Well, a like-minded commentor, 9erfan, who despite their apparent allegiance to a dismal NFL franchise,  has clued me in to some hard and fast evidence corraborating my claim.  See for yourself.

Red handed!  Who would’ve thought that an unassuming comic like BJ Novak would have the guts to step outside his cushy Hollywood life and call Cadbury on the carpet.  This video was posted over a year ago, so I admit my lack of vigilance in realizing the American public was getting the shaft.  But the time for blame is behind us.  Now is when we, John and Jane Q Consumer, rise up with one voice and tell Cadbury that we will not stand by and allow our sugary enjoyment to be further impeded.  Let the letter writing campaign begin!


4 thoughts on “Proof!

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