Fatherhood Will Make You Do Things You’ve Never Done Before

Like write angry letters to corporations…

I’m not usually real big on boycotts and protests. I think a lot of times they can end up being counter-productive. Part of it is I’m not confrontational by nature, so if there’s something going on I don’t like I just ignore it until it goes away. That’s probably not the best approach to take either, but what can I say, I gotta be me. However, I recently saw a commercial that I thought warranted a response from me and as serendipity would have it I stumbled across a website that had already done most of the leg work for me (which is good because I probably would’ve either forgotten about it or been to lazy to actually take any action). The offender in this case is Burger King. I’ve enjoyed, as much as one can, a few of their ads in the past featuring The King, even though my wife finds him extremely creepy, but this time he’s gone too far. In a scenario I’m not sure any one in their right mind would’ve ever dreamed of, BK has paired Sponge Bob Squarpants with Sir Mix-a-Lot in an ad to sell their kids meals. They claim the ad is meant to target adults, but its been quite a while since I’ve seen an adult either (a) order a kids meal for themselves, or (b) obey the commands of a cartoon household absorbant (though I have known a few grown-ups who regularly tune into he that is yellow, absorbent, and porous).

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has a letter on their website that they will email on your behalf to Burger King and Nickelodeon, asking that they pull the ad. You are free to edit it and add your contact info. I confess I know nothing else of Campaing for a Commercial Free Childhood except that I’m on their side on this one. If you’ve seen the ad and have objections to it, I encourage you to check out the letter. You can find a link to the letter and a YouTube clip of the ad here.

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