It’s A Funny Thing

It’s a funny thing, life.

I was thinking today about Saturdays early in Jen’s and my marriage.  We’d sleep in until nine or later, lazily make breakfast while watching TV, usually something silly like the Croc Hunter or Looney Tunes, and then mozy through the day.  Even before Lily came those lazy Saturdays passed us by as our social calendars expanded and our acerage increased.  Of course after Lily we’re lucky to stay in bed until seven and if there isn’t some part of the house that’s demanding attention we have shopping to do, or a social engagement to rush off to, or a car that needs an oil change.

But it’s a funny thing, because even though I miss those lazy no alarm Saturdays, with their pancakes and cartoons, and wouldn’t trade them for anything, I wouldn’t want to go back there.   A lot of that of course is Lily and I wouldn’t trade her for anything (obviously), not even for two whole extra hours of sleep.  It just struck me as interesting today that the different stages in life can be equally appreciated and yet as we continually move forward we don’t necessarily want to go back.  As great as it was to spend uninterupted hours of general laziness with my wife (and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that one of those hours here or there would be nice now) and as much as I thought I loved her then, I had no idea how much I would now.  As inconsequential as those Saturdays may seem at first glance, they were the building blocks for the foundation of our lasting relationship.  I’m not trying to imply that those who end up with honeymoon babies have a less than solid foundation, I just know that for me the way things worked out was just about perfect.  If someone had told me five or six years ago that my Saturdays would start before McDonald’s stopped serving breakfast and that I wouldn’t mind it, I would’ve said they were smoking.  And not Lucky Strikes.  A kid can do strange things to a man.  It’s a funny thing.


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