Return of an Old…Friend?

So I’m at my local Target retailer this afternoon with Lily, ready to do a little grocery shopping.  As I’m getting the girl into the shopping cart seat, I hear someone near me in the parking lot talking to somebody about Lojack, the device you can put in your car that will help police track where it is when stolen.  Didn’t think much of it, though the voice sounded a bit familiar.  I finished strapping Lily into the cart and as I turned to make my way to the store I found my self face to face with a visage from the past.  It was none other than my old weed whacking pal, Arthur Bailey.

I haven’t seen hide nor mop of blond hair of Arthur in over three years.  Not even walking around downtown.  I thought maybe he moved away, whether of his own free will or not, as there was a stretch of time when I or someone I know saw him somewhere in this town on a weekly basis.  A goodly amount of those on my front steps, and not all welcomed.  Who knows where he’s been all this time.

The moment we made eye contact he began his Lojack pitch to me; Lojack for kids that is.  As he launched into his hurried spiel it became clear to me that he had no recollection of who I was.  I was not about to remind him.  He looked a little more disheveled then he had in our all our previous meetings.  His hair a little shorter, but more unruly.  His beard thicker and scragglier.  His clothes looked clean though.  Still no teeth.  I stood and listened to his pitch for a few seconds, grinning to myself at the surprise of the chance meeting.  As with all his interests, like weed whacking and Starbucks, he truly has a passion for Lojack for kids.  As I gave him the “thanks but no thanks” and turned to make my way to the store, he followed extolling Lojack’s virtues.  It took a few more “not interested”s before he finally moved on to find a willing ear.  The unwilling ones I witnessed included another patron, who directed him to a Target employee, who directed him to the security guard who graciously followed him to the bridal registry computer so Arthur could look it up and show him.  That’s when I snapped this picture on the QT:


Who knows where he’s been these three years, but now he’s back and I have a feeling I’ll be running into him again.  I do have some weeds that need whacking….


One thought on “Return of an Old…Friend?

  1. Justin

    YES!! He’s baaaaaack. Oh, how I’ve missed hearing all the stories of awkward “charm” that is …Aurther Bailey.

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