I Am Peeved

Here’s why (because I know your dying to know):

Backing into parking spaces – I don’t understand this at all.  Advocates I’m sure would say something like, “This way I can pull out and leave a lot faster.”  What, are you robbing a bank?  That would at least make sense.  But if armed robbery isn’t really your thing, then why the effort? You will probably end up causing a massive parking lot traffic snarl since you have to pull past the space and all the cars behind you will pull forward, only to have to all choreograph an awkward and dangerous massive reversal as your back-up lights come on and you negotiate a 28-point turn to get the angle just right.  So, yeah, I see how that’s much more convenient.  Not to mention the fact that it’s about 158 times easier to pull forward into a smaller space and reverse out of it than the other way around.  Ever play Operation?  Which was harder, the writers cramp (small) or the bread basket (large)?

I was at a crowded shopping center on a rainy night when the biggest pick-up truck I’ve ever seen—Ford F-950 or something with a lift kit that made it possible for a six foot man to walk upright underneath it without so much as mussing his hair—took a lifetime to back into a COMPACT SPACE!!

Not putting shopping carts back in the cart corral – You know what I call this picture?


The Fall of Western Society.  Seriously?  They couldn’t have taken the extra, what, 15, 20 seconds to walk around the corner and put those carts away?  Oh, how far we’ve fallen America.  If you’re one of these scofflaws, next time your door gets dinged in the parking lot, before you complain you better take a long, hard look in the mirror my friend.

Waiting for a parking space – Now this one isn’t as big of a deal.  Sometimes in a busy parking lot or a multi-level garage there is no other recourse.  Its when there a spaces aplenty but they are—GASP!—20 whole yards away from the entrance that this becomes a problem.  When someone stops in the middle of the driveway (and they always stop right in the middle, negating any chance at being passed) and puts on that blinker, which they no doubt do as a courtesy, they are telling every other driver in the lot, “You wait patiently peasants, for I must have the best available slot no matter the cost to you in time and frustration.”  Listen Your Majesty, this is America.  We could all use the extra 40 second walk.  You’re no exception.

Not signaling or using a turn lane until the last possible moment – These fair folk are apparently unfamiliar with the meaning of the word “signal.”  Best as they can tell it means to suddenly slam on the breaks and veer violently in one direction or the other.  And if the turn lanes were only meant to be driven in those last four feet, guess what?  They wouldn’t be 50 feet long.

Pre-sliced cheese without wax paper between the slices – Is this some cruel cost cutting measure?  Honestly, how much can wax paper really cost?  I’d almost rather have fewer slices per container if it meant we could get that wax paper back between them.  As it is, I’m getting fewer slices anyway as they stick together and crumble apart.  Half a slice ends up under my fingernails since I have to use them to scrape one slice off the other.  This alone has driven me to purchase expensive imported cheese slices.  Spare no expense for wax paper, I always say.

Saying on MySpace/Facebook/Twitter “Watch(ed)ing a great movie!” and not saying what the movie is – Even though I’m your friend/following you, I still care more about what the movie is than that you are watching it at this very moment.  Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh (and heaven knows no one really wants to know that I just bit my lip, but did that stop me from making it a status update?) but throw me a bone here?  Are you teasing me?  Especially if you say it’s a good movie.  Maybe I want to see if it’s good, but how can I, you didn’t tell me what it was.  That’s just mean.

There.  I feel better now.  Any pet peeves of your own?  I mean other than dorks that blog about theirs and then force the link on you.

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