Why White Christmas Is Awesome

— Bing’s dulcet tones

— Bing’s army issue camouflage ascot and front line loafers

 — The background dancers in the Mandy and Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me  numbers; pure comedy

— Vera-Ellen’s inhuman waistline.  It’s about as big around as a cereal bowl!

— Why doesn’t anyone call out Emma the housekeeper for her meddling that almost cost them the show, not to mention three relationships (Bob & Betty, Phil & Judy, Betty & Judy)?

— The fact that General Waverly asks not to be called General and everyone continuing to call him that for the rest of the movie. 

— Of course he might have made it more difficult on himself by insisting on talking in military parlance all the time:

 To Betty at the train station, “I can’t help but think this is a tactical error.”

To everyone immediately after telling them to keep the general part quiet, “Excuse me everyone, I’m on KP.”

To Emma after she sent both his suits to the dry cleaners, “I’ll have you court marshaled!”

 — The Bing-isms: 

“Whoa, whoa, time, time, cut!”

“It’s a little dangerous putting those knights up on those bleached chargers.”

“I’m starting to play a little trombone here m’self.”

“Grab the cow.”

— Irving Berlin’s tremendous songs.

— Wallace and Davis assisting the Haynes sisters skip town on a warrant for their arrest.  Apparently none of them plan on returning to Florida anytime soon.

— “Mutual I’m sure!”

— Danny Kaye’s “small internal muscular hemorrhage” or “small compound fracture.”

— The foreshadowing of Rosemary Clooney’s future weight gain in the “Back in the Army” number.

— I could go on and on.  Best Christmas movie ever!


6 thoughts on “Why White Christmas Is Awesome

  1. Anna

    if only I could get tim to appreciate all this “White Christmas” awesomeness….and you forgot Danny Kay’s making eyes at the woman when they first enter Novello’s.

  2. Bings underwear revealed!

    “Alright, So she didn’t go to college. She didn’t go to Smith!”
    Go to Smith? She can’t even SPELL Smith!”

    Ha! He pulled that shirt down awful quick.

  3. yep—best Christmas movie ever…

    “I want you to get married. I want you to have NINE kids…”

    “Sisters, Sisters…” and both Crosby and Kaye getting the giggles….

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