Life (of Ando) Goes On

Ambulance chaser

Despite the fact I haven’t posted anything on Life of Ando for well over six months, the life of Ando does continue to march on.  In fact, the past six month have been one third of probably the most eventful, exciting, stressful, and dizzying 18 months of my adult life.  New accomplishments, new jobs, and new babies have a way of doing that.  Of course, with those accomplishments, jobs, and babies have come a healthy dose of challenges as well.  Those challenges were mostly professional until recently, when they took a decided turn toward the personal.

My wife is pregnant with our second child, a boy.  He doesn’t have a name yet.  We can’t seem to agree.  I want something classic and bold:  Henry.  Jen is leaning toward something a little more contemporary (or as I like to say, “commonplace”); she likes Ryan.   Neither of us will budge.  We’ve batted around a couple alternatives we can both sorta tolerate, but as if this moment our progeny is simply known as The Boy.  Someone is going to have to give in, possibly sooner rather than later.

It started two weeks ago.  I’ll spare you the details, but there were some issues.  We went to the ER, spent the next 14 hours there, and were sent home with a new directive:  modified bed rest for the expectant mother.  This basically means, you can get up to shower, walk to the fridge, go to the bathroom and maybe leave the house to go somewhere as long as all you’re going to do is sit once you get there.  No extended periods of walking or standing, no lifting, pushing, pulling, or any like activities.

This was tough news.  Jen had big plans for the summer.  She and Lily were going to Colorado to visit Jen’s sister.  This being the last summer of Lily’s only-childness, we had some plans to do some fun stuff with her this summer.  Going to the beach and the zoo and the park.  Jen was looking forward to some good one-on-one time with her.  Obviously that put a damper on a lot of that.  The first week was tough.  Lot’s of adjusting to be done.  But, there were plenty of activities the two could do together at home that were doable while still obeying doctors orders.  If not ideal, it was at least tolerable–and exceedingly worthwhile–in exchange for a healthy baby and mama.

Fast forward to Monday night and the complication resurfaced.  Off to the hospital we went.  We got to stay for 24 hours this time, but they were planning on letting us go home.  About two hours from the time she was to be discharged, there was another episode.   That clinched it.  We would be spending most of the summer in a hospital.

Because she is only 28 weeks along, if they baby were to come out now he would need special care.  Which of course our local hospital was not equipped to give.  The nearest facility with space available was two hours away from home.  So, at two o’clock in the morning this morning (after already spending about 30 hours in the hospital) Jen was loaded into an ambulance and transferred.  Away from home, away from friends, away from family, away from Lily.

The good news.  The baby is doing teriffic.  All vitals are good, he’s as active as ever, and as early as it is, he’s at a stage with a very high survival rate (over 90%).  He’ll be spending some time in the hospital after he’s introduced to the world, but at this point long-term prognosis is good.  Jen is doing as well as can be expected.  She’s exhausted, as she didn’t get much sleep for the better part of two days, but she has been able to catch up today.  Other than the general discomforts of being an admitted hospital patient (poked, prodded, tubed, etc.), at the moment things are all calm.

It’s going to be a long few–er, several–weeks.  Thankfully, we have a lot of friends and family who are willing to lend a hand in anyway they can.  As far away from home as our new temporary home is, we do have come contacts here that have offered their help and support.

Most important of all, we have a lot of people praying.  We know that God will give us the strength to deal with whatever the future holds.  It’s not going to be easy, by any stretch.  Not seeing out sweet Lily but maybe once or twice a week will be murder.  But we’ll rely on the LORD to get us through and we’ve already seen that He is teaching us a few things through all of this.

Please keep us in your prayers.


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