Favorite Places

I was thinking the other day about some of my favorite places to be.  Usually I think about my favorite places to be when I’m about as far from them as possible.  Like, for instance, at work at 3:26 in the morning.  But rather than just hear about my favorite places, I want to know what some of your favorite places are, and why.

First, a few groundrules:

1.  You have to have been there more than once.  A place can’t be your favorite if you’ve only been there one time.  It may have been the cats pajamas, so we’ll give it credit for a super fantastic experience, but it can’t make this list.

2.  It has to be some place specific.  Like, an actual place.  No corny cop outs like, “any place where my friends are” or “wherever my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/kids/dog/cat/parakeet/whatever is.”  Please.  Barf.  Don’t try it.

3.  Home does not count.  I love my couch and TV as much as anybody, but I make the rule and I say home is off limits.

There, that’s it.  Three simple rules.  List however many favorite places you want and why each is your favorite in as many or few words as you like.  Put it in the comments.  Then, in a bit I’ll share mine.

Ready, go!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Places

  1. Nothing came to mind when I read this post. Well beside, “That sure is a mess of rules he’s got there!”

    Uh, I suppose a place is a favorite if you can go there over and over and still enjoy it. I guess San Francisco’s Chinatown would have to make my list then. Every time I go to the City, it’s the place I want to visit. I like watching the people, looking in shops and enjoying the food. It must be a favorite place.

  2. Jbau

    I love, love Yosemite. (As you already know.) I’ve been there in the summer, spring and fall, all spectacular in their different ways. So I’d really love to go in the winter. You can just sit and stare at anything and it’s overwhelmingly beautiful. Then there’s Disneyland which is always crazy full of people. But I am so happy when I’m there. It’s magical I must say. Ok, this is one is kind of random. I love bookstores. I love to look at books and browse and drink coffee. I just love to be around books. There you have it.

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