The Rising

phoenixWith apologies to Bruce Springsteen.

During a slow night at work last week, I spent a goodly amount of time reading old posts I’d written here on Life of Ando.  I’d like to say I was reading them with a critical eye, looking for ways to improve as a writer, but really I was just enjoying the sight of my own voice.  That’s just the sort of narcissist I am.  Some of them I really did enjoy.  Others, not so much.

Life of Ando has been in existance for nigh on seven years, if you can believe that, spewing nearly 500 posts onto the unsuspecting webbing public.  There have been many different blog-designs in that time, weekly features come and gone, and myriad YouTube videos posted.  There have been posts considering everything from movies, to religion, to movies and religion, to current events, to Easter candy, to baseball, to baseball, to baseball, to auto repair, to politics, to life in general, and, of course, to the life of Ando, specifically.

When I first started this venture, I’m sure I had delusions of grandeur.  I would wax wise on various and sundry subjects and through the simple retelling of events from my own life would reveal vital heretofore unknown insights into this crazy world of ours.  Oh how silly of me.  Not to say I haven’t unearthed a useful nuggett now and again–by pure hapinstance if nothing else–but my early dreams of a sought out cyber-oasis of wit and wisdom has come up just a tad short.  But that’s ok.  It’s been a fun ride and for a while there, when I posted more than once every couple months, I even had a pretty loyal cadre of readers.

Good grief, it probably sounds like I’m shutting it down!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  On the contrary, consider this the official relaunch of Life of Ando.  There was a time (October 2006) when I posted 25 times in a month.  Since May 2009 I’ve posted that same number of times.  Pretty sad, though in my defense that intervening period was pretty hectic and I have spend a lot of my blogging time elsewhere.

While I’m not going to promise 25 posts in the month, or even 15 or even 10, I am going to strive to post on a somewhat regular basis.  I am a phoenix rising from the ashes.  Or something.  Whatever.

So, if you just haven’t been able to find the sort of hacky drivel that Life of Ando does so well elsewhere, take heart.  Your search is over.  Life of Ando is back and better than ever probably more readable.


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