Observations From the Express Lane Redux

empty_shopping_cart.jpgBack in the heyday of Life of Ando, say, the mid-aughts, I used to do a regular little feature, if you can call it that, on strange purchase observations at the grocery/drug store checkout line.  In the intervening lean blogging years I made a few observations I wish I’d shared with the fine readers of LoA, dwindled as their numbers may have been.  The only I remember was a gnarly looking old biker buying a lot of chili and a lot of prunes.

Like a lot of things around here, Observations From the Express Lane is getting a thourough dusting off.  And so I hereby present to you, the latest in what hopefully will be a continuing tradition.

When:  Today

Where:  Safeway

Who:  Me

What:  Three 12-packs Diet Mountain Dew, one 12-pack regular Mountain Dew, one package braunschweiger, one large bottle distilled white vinegar.

(Previous observations)


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