YouTube Friday: The Return

Back in Life of Ando’s heyday, YouTube Friday was a regular feature.  Just me posting some random video from YouTube or other interweb video repository, making minimal commentary.  Occasionally they were self-created, but most were an odd bit of footage unearthed in my web meanderings:  movie trailer mashups/recuts, actual movie trailers, music I was currently into, or just plain internet weirdness.  I was thinking to myself about YouTube Fridays the other day, and then a friend sent me an email about how he missed them.  And so, since it takes very little actual effort on my part, and by popular demand–or at least a lukewarm request–I announce the triumphant return of YouTube Fridays!  For our inaugural relaunch, here’s a few videos representing the aforementioned categories.


Full Metal Jacket.  Feel good movie of the year!


I would not be surprised if this trailer is better than the actual movie.  That’s not a put-down of the movie, this trailer is that good.


Dylan is not for everybody.  But he should be.


Schmoyoho is national treasure.  Autotune forever!


This is from the documentary about the Young@Heart chorus.  Old folks singing modern hits.  It’s a great doc and this is an amazing performance.  More goosebumps than I suspect Chris Martin ever induced.






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