-Hey, Remember Blogs?- or -Brain Dump Volume 1-


Lately I’ve had some things rolling around that empty space just below my bald spot I wanted to get out.  They aren’t really conversational things, not that their taboo, just not things that would naturally come up in a conversation.  At least not my conversations.  I think I’ve always been more comfortable writing things down than at actually talking.  At least when it comes to most things deeper than, say, level two small talk.  I’m much more comfortable carefully crafting my words with characters I can touch with my fingers than I am coming up with them in my head, then spitting them out and having them sound semi-coherent.*  That’s why I love texting.  I mean, yes, I am like a high school girl in some ways (hello, Snapchat!), but everyone should, and mostly has, embrace texting.  Texting is like having a real life, talking conversation, with the added bonus of seeing what you just said before actually saying it.  This not only prevents me from saying dumb things, but is a big help in making me sound more smarter.  Because, as it turns out, sometimes we say things we really shouldn’t!  What a world.  Texting hasn’t always saved me from shoving my size tens–ok, size nines–into my virtual mouth, and it’s not a one size-fits-all solution to every conversational need.  But still…don’t throw shade on texting.  (Oh, and I am somewhat capable of carrying on a normal, verbal, face-to-face, conversation.  Usually.)

*Sort of iroinc given my current occupation basically requires me to talk AT LEAST semi-coherently for 10 hours a day.

I guess that sorta turned into Item #1.  Moving on!

Item #2 – Work Friends

I have been fortunate in my working career to have worked with some of my very best friends.  In my earliest job, I worked with my still-to-this-day best friend for many years.  After the first few years of that job, one of our other very good friends came on staff.  The three of us had some great times.  The two of them even threatened me into asking this cute new teacher out on a date (It worked out, we’re married now).  We didn’t make a lot of money (we were custodial services technical engineers–janitors), but you can’t put a price on that stuff.  Eventually, one of us left for greener pastures…but the other two followed to the same pasture less than a year later.  Together again!  We had more good times.  Ping-pong, wiffle ball, darts, blasting really bad music on the manufacturing floor.  We also occasionally did some work.  Good times, good times.

That went on a few years, then one of us left again.  Then I left a little while later.  Now we’re all in very different career fields, and the chance of us ever working together again is slim to none.  But we had a solid six or seven year run.  I realize that’s pretty unusual.  Not only that we got to work together for so long, but that we actually remained friends.  Did I mention we were all roommates for a while too?  People were amazed we hadn’t killed each other with all the time we spent together.  But it worked for some reason.

I guess I’m a pretty likable guy and so at my few subsequent jobs I always was able get along with pretty much everyone.  There was always one or two I could go a little deeper with, share a few inside jokes with, felt I could trust.  But even then, they were pretty much workplace relationships.  With the exception of one birthday party, I can’t remember doing anything social with anyone from those jobs.  It’s not that I wouldn’t have, and it wasn’t by design.  Had I stayed in those places longer maybe it would have been different, it just never happened for whatever reason.  They were good people, we had some good times at the office, and we keep in touch on Facebook and such, but that’s as far as it went.  Maybe it was because I already had built-in close friends at those other jobs, so I never really had to branch out before and didn’t know how.  Who knows?

It’s been a little different at my current job.  I’ve been there for about two and half years, and though it’s impossible to say yet that I’ve made lifelong friends there, something feels different.  Maybe it’s the nature of the work.  It’s a pretty small organization and you really have to trust and depend on the people you work with.  You spend a lot of time together, often in close quarters, and deal with a lot of stressful situations.  Now, this could be a recipe for disaster, and in a lot of other, similar outfits it certainly turns out that way sometimes.  But where I work, it works.  Of course, there are some I would prefer to work with more than others.  Some a lot more.  Though I’m partial to my team, I’m fortunate that there are very few at work as a whole I would have a problem working with.  That’s pretty rare, I think.  The crew I work with regularly is tough to beat.  My squad, we work well together and we LIKE each other.  We hang out off the clock, we text and, yes, Snapchat each other on our off days.  We go to each other’s birthday parties, give ourselves nicknames, tease the crap out of each other, and generally act like total goofballs.  I think part of it is the camaraderie of the job, but mostly I think we just enjoy each others company.  And we trust each other.  I know they’ve got my back, and they know I’ve got their’s.  That’s a big deal in our line of work.  It’s weird, because there’s a pretty big age spread between us, so it’s hard to imagine another scenario where this would have happened, but fortunately it did.  Like any tight knit group, we have our bad days where we would just as soon smack one or more of the others across the teeth as look at them, but they’re pretty few and far between.  It’s a good group.  I’m sure at some point in the future, maybe the near future, one or more of us will move on to something else (Heck, now that I think about it, it actually already happened once).  But this time around it’ll be “see you on the weekend” and not just, “see you on Facebook.”

I guess all of this is just to express how grateful I am to have been able to work with very good friends, and then make some new very good friends when we parted ways.  I know it doesn’t work that way for everyone. #blessed (<—that’s kind of a joke, by the way)

Item #3 – Item #2 Went Too Long

Item #4 –  Blogging Can Be Fun!

Well, I think that’s about all I’ve got in me today.  This was fun.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do it again soon.


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