Welcome to The Life

Welcome to Life of Ando, the tiny corner of the interwebs where I dump my thoughts, musings, insights, observations, etc., on the poor, unsuspecting travelers of the Information Superhighway who happen to get off at this exit.  If you’re a stranger in these parts, I can’t imagine what you find here would be all that interesting to you.  Kind of like exiting I-5 in Buttonwillow on your way to Disneyland. But hey, somebody likes Buttonwillow or it wouldn’t exist.  I know there’s an Arby’s there.  I like Arby’s.  Maybe you do too.  If so, who knows, maybe you will find something relatable in my written ramblings. Like a big beef and cheddar with an order of curly fries, it’ll probably give you heartburn, but it might be fun going in.


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