The 500

Me, trying to figure out how this happened

I was in the middle of writing the next installment of my Israel travelogue, when I noticed my next post would be my 500th!  Do you know how many hours of my life I have wasted writing 500 posts for this blog that virtually no one reads?  Thousands!  I mean, there probably isn’t anyone even reading this right now.  But as I once said in one of these unread gems, I write here for no one but myself.  If others stumble upon this humble space (or have it thrust upon them in a link on my Facebook page) and find it mildly enjoyable, so much the better.

So in all these posts, both read and unread, what have I said?  With no clear theme, other than what happens to be kicking around that average sized brain of mine at any given time, the subjects have been eclectic.  I’ve written about things that entertain me, sports for instance (usually baseball).  I Wednesday Reviewed movies, music, TV, the occasional book.  I’ve ranted about the inconsequential, like the tragedy of the diminishing size of Cadbury eggs (um, twice) or why there are so many varieties of toothpaste.  I’ve written about salad dressing, ant poison, and that time I emailed Nabisco because they put less cream in their Oreos than they used to (again, twice).  I once wrote nearly 1000 words on if one can claim to have visited a state or country if they were only inside an airport on a layover.  In the old days I had more time to ponder such things, apparently.

The posts I’m most proud of are about my family.  My lovely wife, my dad, my daughter, my grandma.

I got serious every once in a while.  Other times I wrote about what odd combinations of things I saw people buy at the grocery store.

For over 10 years I have kept up this nonsense.  Much less frequently in recent years. Who knows how long the virtual Life of Ando will stumble along and what further silliness lies in store?


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