Wednesday Review: Sausage Day

SausageAfter yesterday’s somewhat-of-a-downer post, I thought we’d go light today and talk about something that makes just about everyone happy–except vegetarians and Charlotte’s Web afficianados–sausage!

When I started work at my current, and soon to be former, place of employment, we were blessed with catered lunches everyday.  These were not cheapo, fast food in a box type lunches either.  These were good lunches.  Really good.  Places with names like Cafe Europe and Johnny Garlics.  Sometimes we’d get pizza, sometimes we’d get Chinese, sometimes Mexican.  Food, that is.  Not people.  But Fridays were the best.  Friday was BBQ day.  Some weeks we’d get the standard burger and dog fare, but usually it was something like tri-tip or ham or turkey.  But the best was sausage day.  I lived for those days.  Besides the lunches we also had bottomless tubs full of junk food, a frig full of enough soda to quench the thirst of a small sports arena, and freezers full of Its-Its and Choco Taco’s.  Every new employee immediatley put on 15 pounds in the first three days.  Except me, I got violently ill my first week.  But that’s a story for another day.

As the heady start-up days of 1999-2000 gave way to the bubble burst, our lavish lunches began to be scaled back.  First it was restaurant catered Tuesday and Thursday, make your own deli sandwhich Monday and Wednesday, BBQ on Friday.  Then the catered went away and it was make your own deli sandwhich Monday and Wednesday, BBQ on Friday.  Then just BBQ’s every Friday.  Then every two weeks and now once a month.  Still, I can’t really complain.

The meats to be Q’d rotate, mostly between burger and dogs and tri-tip.  But our grill master does rotate in some chicken, ham, and turkey occasionally, and about four times a year we get the blessed links.  And these are not your Farmer John variety sausages.  They aren’t even a fancy pre-packaged sort like an Adelle’s.  No, these are honest to goodness, fresh from the extruder, from an actual butcher shop sausages.  I’m in hearty agreement with Otto von Bismarck that no one should ever watch sausage being made, but man are they good.

When I know sausage day is coming I get excited.  I actually do.  The last sausage day, before today, I woke up feeling pretty crappy.  Sore throat, stuffy head, possible fever.  Bad enough that I would have stayed home, and I almost did.  Until I remembered it was sausage day.  I willed myself out of bed and into the shower and dragged my sickly carcus through the days work, all for the sweet taste of pork fat.  It was well worth it.

There are a myriad of varieties of sasuage, and we usually get the same three:

  1. Chicken and apple, which has become a mainstream gourmet sausage.  Its good despite the substitution of poultry for pork and the presence of fruit.
  2. Standard bratwurst.  Not exotic, but always a crowd pleaser.  It’s like an old pair of jeans, comfortable and familiar.
  3. Hawiian Portugese.  A very fine choice, with the perfect blend of sweet and spice.

Sadly, this is most likely my last sausage day.  I just received word today that that background check for my new job has passed, and I’ll soon be leaving.  But I’ll remember those days fondly.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Review: Sausage Day

  1. Anna

    well i think you’re taking your love of saugsage to weird level. nobody should love sausage that much, but congrats on passing the background check i know you were probably worried they find out about that stomach pumping incident, hope you like the new job!!

  2. Mom

    So I have to find out you got the job on the worldwide web along with everyone else in your blogshpere? It’s OK I am only the Mom. Congrats son. I knew you could do it and I agree with your sister I think you like sausage just a little too much.

  3. In my defense, I only learned I had gotten the job yesterday morning, and I wrote this post at lunch. But you’re still right, I should’ve called you immediately. :)

  4. I’m afaid have to disagree with your family, its not possible to love sausage too much. Sausage deserves devotion.

    Its funny, I saw this post a couple of hours after telling a rather disappointed woman from investigations that you weren’t a drug addicted lunatic.

    She was like, “So nothing that you can think of why we shouldn’t hire him?”


    “Fine. Well thanks for your time.”

    I wanted to be like, “but he does have this weird sausage thing” just cheer her up!

  5. Patrick Donohue

    It was very odd to be looking up “Adelle’s Chicken Apple Sausage” and to see your blog as the #1 hit in Google.

    This may be the awesomest thing ever.

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